Sunday, November 30

Poll: what's your favourite colour?

Dear fellow blogger, crafter and visitor to my blog. May I steal one second of your time? Okay, three seconds - you need to move your mouse pointer over to the poll box on the upper right corner of this blog and click on your choice ☺ I would really appreciate your vote. The results will help me make wiser fabric choices for my bags and other creations, which in turn will result in happier customers! Thanks!!!

Friday, November 28

Hot Fuchsia

The vibrant colours on this make up bag take me back to when I was 10 and visiting Hawaii. The first thing I saw were the plentiful exotic flowers - I'm a 'colour' person. I also remember I was given a cute Hula Dolly that wore a Hawaiian flower Lei in the exact shade of fuchsia as this bag! The other thing I will never forget is eating a whole bag of fruit gums and drinking iced tea...all of which later ended up on the hotel's bathroom floor (I didn't make it to the toilet in time) ☺ Maybe that's one reason I don't eat fruit gums anymore? I love the colour fuchsia, though, and tend to accessorize my wardrobe in this colour. I have scarves, hats, gloves, earrings in this colour. Nothing brightens up a grey November day more than fuchsia!

Wednesday, November 26

♥ Appreciating Handmade ♥

Whenever I talk to acquiantances about my handmade bags (a little promotion on the side always helps ☺) I mostly get one of two reactions: 1. either they are pleasantly surprised/impressed/amazed, and immediately ask a lot of questions and want to see more of my bags... 2. or they pull a face and say 'oh'. The kind of 'oh' that lets me know they think handmade products are crap. (excuse the expression). The latter lets me know that theirs is an uneducated reaction. Most probably they have absolutely no idea how much time, effort and planning goes into a handmade product. So used to the mass-produced products that are churned out cookie-cutter style in huge factories, they do not see the dedication behind a handmade product. And its value. I have lived and worked in the Far East and I have seen the textile factories in China where thousands of look- alike bags are manufactured, packaged and ready to be shipped to Europe and the States. I'm not saying these bags are lousy, but they are sold here so cheap, that buyers will have no qualms chucking them into the garbage once they become tired of it. There is no appreciation of the product at all. The attitude is: who cares? I can get 10 more for 5 Euros from the many discount stores that have opened up all over the country! How sad is that? And as we collectively move deeper into a 'disposable society' I feel that I need to educate those people in particular in order to counter-balance this attitude. It's an uphill struggle, but I do believe that ignorance is the main factor getting in the way. I believe in handmade products and I will continue to spread the word about its value and virtue!

Sunday, November 23

Vintage Red

I was really happy when Damask Rose the big one sold within a week of listing! The lucky recipient will love this bag. I have since made another one in a different colour way. This is one of my favourite bag styles, because it's roomy enough (but not bulky) to keep more than just your make up - you can fit in all those face and handcreams, too!

Saturday, November 22

Send a little joy to the less fortunate children...

As every year, the weeks running up to Christmas are always stressful, as most parents run around in a frenzied panic buying food for Christmas dinner and gifts for the family, especially the children. Please pause for a moment and think about what you could do for the less fortunate kids who have little joy in their lives. Here in Germany (and also in Switzerland and Austria) there is a so called 'shoebox' campaign. Participants donate gifts (stuffed animals, toys, drawing equipment, skipping ropes etc.) and pack them up in a shoebox, which is then wrapped up nicely and tied with a bow. The shoeboxes are collected in various cities and then sent on to the organizer who distributes the gifts to countries, such as Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Kasachstan, Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia, Mongolia and others. The organizers of the respective countries ensure that these shoeboxes do indeed reach the (mostly orphaned) children. Over 470.000 shoeboxes were delivered to less fortunate kids all over the world last Christmas. What an amazing success! Although subsidized by the Christian Mission, the gifts are distributed to children regardless of their religious, social or cultural background. Instead of sending Christmas cards this year or eating a humongous Christmas meal, I will donate to the Mission and other charities, if it helps to make one or more children smile and feel a little joy in their lives this Christmas.

Friday, November 21

Glamour ♣ Girl

A gorgeous black on white Damask pattern graces this make up bag. Perfect for the glam girl in you! Open up the bag and a stunning lime green fabric in decorator weight cotton surprises you! The bag is the perfect size to carry in your tote or handbag. The front pocket is a convenient place to keep a comb, nail file or hair pins! Embellished with a tiny gold heart charm for that added pizzazz! Measures approx. 15 x 13 x 7 cm or 6 x 5.1 x 2.7 inches

Thursday, November 20

Lights! Please!

On DaWanda there's this monthly colour theme going on...the chosen colour for November is grey. How fitting. Not only has the weather been grey for days, so are people's moods and faces! (not to mention the two strands of hair at each side of my temple) Since there's not enough daylight (maybe a window of one hour between 11:30 - 12:30) I really have a hard time taking nice images of my bags. This upsets me somewhat, because I want to convey the colours as they actually are - not dark and tinged with grey. And it's not only me. Go to DaWanda's frontpage and look at some of the images. TOO DARK. Nobody's going to glance at pics like these twice. I do adjust my images with the help of photoshop, but they tend to look slightly unnatural and it's not always easy getting that fake sunlight just the right shade of yellow. I have a few bags lined up ready to be listed in my shop. I'm just waiting for some sunlight already! It's frustrating, it really is. I really envy people in the States living on the west coast. How lovely to wake up to blue skies each morning. Send some sunshine over here, would you?

Tuesday, November 18

Damask Rose ♥ The big one

Are you going on a trip? Line up your bottles, tubes and jars of face and hand cream in this smart washbag! And they won't topple over, because I've made the bottom of this bag slightly narrower than my Damask Rose make up bag. Plus it won't take up much space in your suitcase either!
The body of the bag is made from a lovely sugar pink fabric from Amy Butler's Lotus Collection. I have teamed it up with a flowery fabric in matching pink for the flap, which is fastened with an original 70's button in ivory. The flap is purely decorative, since this bag has a zip to close it securely. It is lightly padded and lined with a medium-weight cotton in toning pink.
Meas. approx. 23 x 18 x 5 cm or 9 x 7.1 x 2 inches *dry cleaning recommended / spot clean only Available in my shop now!

Monday, November 17


I feel somewhat better today, although I'm not a 100% fit...sort of a 'weak at the knees' kind of a feeling, so this post will be short and w/o pics (sorry). For any reader interested, my popular padded eye glass case is featured on Feel Chic Boutique - go check out this cool blog! have a good week, all, and I hope to be back to full-time blogging soon.

Saturday, November 15

Something to cheer me up ☺

I know I shouldn't be sitting here at my computer, not in my condition anyway...and I can already hear my mum's voice in my ear telling me I'm being very silly indeed. Not to mention my hubby, who firmly believes the best place for me to be is under three layers of blankets! But I just had to share these fabulous fabrics with you (the box arrived yesterday). And as you well know, and I'm free to admit: I'm a fabric junkie! I'm also addicted to blogging. Anyway, take a look at these gorgeous blues and greens and tell me you're not immediately despatched to a tropical island somewhere...
In fact they remind me fondly of the one and a half years I spent in Indonesia. Some of the real batiks I saw there looked uncannily like the fabric #1 It's very difficult to get real batik these days. It's too costly, and the art of batiking (not sure if this is spelled right) is dwindling rapidly. Nowadays there's lots of the polyester variety. Luckily I do have real batik in my stash of fabric from when I stayed in Indonesia and I'm glad I've kept it all these years. Okay. That's all for today. I'd better make a dive for the covers now, before hubby gets upset!

Wednesday, November 12

Oh no...I've come down with the flu

I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and now I know why. I've come down with influenza. I probably caught it from one of my students...sigh. This means no crafting - and I had so hoped to finish my 'the big one' (more on that later) this week. Oh well. It's back to bed for me with a cup of tea!

Tuesday, November 11


Just added this make up bag to my shop listing! You'll love the fabric - large, cream peonies interspersed with tan and red leaves on a suger pink background. The lining is a medium-weight cotton in matching pink. Remember, all my bags are unique in that I don't make the same twice! If I use the same fabric, I alter the shape of the bag. And I go for quality rather than quantity! The bag measures approx. 15 x 14 x 7 cm or 6 x 5.5 x 2.7 inches. It is lightly padded for stability and embellished with a tiny gold heart ♥

Monday, November 10

Trends and the weather

Whenever I'm invited to a party where most people don't yet know me I make sure to take one of my bags and a couple of business cards too. Yesterday was such an occasion. As is typical of this region we've been having horrendous weather lately: wet, cold and windy. I noticed almost everyone was dressed in drab black or brown, bright pink tote bag really stood out! As expected a couple women came up to me to admire my bag and inquire where I bought it (hehehe). When I told them I made it there were quite a few (pleasantly) surprised faces. I handed out business cards immediately - do this before everyone hits the drinks bar. I also use this opportunity to gauge the colour trend. This information is useful to me when selecting fabric. It seems women still prefer bright pinks! I guess if you live in a part of the world where it's raining 70% of the time, it's nice to possess a bag in bright colours.

Sunday, November 9

Shabby Chic & Sweet

Dainty pink all-over roses on a baby blue background teamed with a fresh pink check. I added a bit of old-fashioned cream lace for that 'shabby' look, and a cute flower-shaped button.

Friday, November 7

Stow & Go Purse - SOLD!!!

Keep all your daily necessities in this handy purse that fits in every handbag. Stunning pink peonies on cream background, interspersed with light green dots. Made from 100% high-quality cotton and lined with an ivory medium-weight cotton. Lightly padded for stability. Measures approx. 15 x 14 x 7 cm or 6 x 5.5 x 2.7 inches. Available in my shop now!

Thursday, November 6

More padded eye glass cases

I've written about these before...just added another colour: sugar pink polka dots!

Tuesday, November 4

Funky Circles

Did I mention I just love circles, dots...polka dots... mini fact dots in all sizes! Of course, I just had to buy this funky circles fabric - red, pink, brown circles in various sizes on a pale blue background. If you look really closely, the background has an overlay of almost transparent white polka dots. I teamed it up with a solid chocolate brown, medium-weight cotton, and I matched the lining in brown with irregular shaped, all-over dots. You can see it peeking out at the top edge. Simply dotty! The inside features two pockets for keeping your mobile phone and/or wallet and/or mp3 player. Two sturdy, faux-leather handles in brown complete this bag (which is padded for softness and stability). Measurement approx. 29.5 x 23 x 8 cm or 11.5 x 9 x 3.5 inches. I made this bag for an acquiantance who happens to be crazy about dots too!

Sunday, November 2

Fall Sale!

I've reduced the price of these three cute bags! If you buy them via my shop I'll adjust the price for you. Anyway, take a look what's on offer: Punky Aqua NOW ONLY Euro 11.10 (US$ 15.00)  Sorry, Punky Pink SOLD already Orange Dots Mini Bag NOW ONLY Euro 9.50 (US$ 12.10) Make up Bag with Appliqué NOW ONLY Euro 7.00 (US$ 8.90)

Saturday, November 1

Great new fabric!

I received a bunch of fabrics I ordered yesterday. I was waiting especially for 'Damask Rose', which I had used before to make a make up bag and which is very popular. The fabrics by Amy Butler are just gorgeous! Can't wait to get sewing... Here are two of the fabrics I ordered. All in the 'pink' family. I also received a toning, solid pink medium-weight cotton and a playful pink/green fabric. Plus some cute ribbons and a tiny porcelain button shaped like a rose. Delightful!   Happy Weekend!