Wednesday, November 26

♥ Appreciating Handmade ♥

Whenever I talk to acquiantances about my handmade bags (a little promotion on the side always helps ☺) I mostly get one of two reactions: 1. either they are pleasantly surprised/impressed/amazed, and immediately ask a lot of questions and want to see more of my bags... 2. or they pull a face and say 'oh'. The kind of 'oh' that lets me know they think handmade products are crap. (excuse the expression). The latter lets me know that theirs is an uneducated reaction. Most probably they have absolutely no idea how much time, effort and planning goes into a handmade product. So used to the mass-produced products that are churned out cookie-cutter style in huge factories, they do not see the dedication behind a handmade product. And its value. I have lived and worked in the Far East and I have seen the textile factories in China where thousands of look- alike bags are manufactured, packaged and ready to be shipped to Europe and the States. I'm not saying these bags are lousy, but they are sold here so cheap, that buyers will have no qualms chucking them into the garbage once they become tired of it. There is no appreciation of the product at all. The attitude is: who cares? I can get 10 more for 5 Euros from the many discount stores that have opened up all over the country! How sad is that? And as we collectively move deeper into a 'disposable society' I feel that I need to educate those people in particular in order to counter-balance this attitude. It's an uphill struggle, but I do believe that ignorance is the main factor getting in the way. I believe in handmade products and I will continue to spread the word about its value and virtue!


  1. I too believe in hand made products. I grew up in a crafty environment. My mom was always teaching herself to do new things. Make candy, bake, sew, paint, design, whatever she was always doing. I am no where nearly as crafty or talented as her, but I do love to create jewelry and collect gemstones. I too know people who assume hand crafted is junk. That may be true in some instances, but so is it true for commercially manufactured products.

  2. I totally agree! Same goes with jewelery, so many cheap massed produced items, I think handmade and original is so much nicer!

  3. Melissa - wow, lucky you to have such a talented mom!
    I come from a family of academics, so I'm the odd one...☺

    Hot Rocks - absolutely!!!

  4. Ahhh - I left a comment yesterday - but it did not take :(
    I'll try again...
    loved your write up. I also make bags and totally know those lokks you are talking about :)
    It's great to see others helping the handmade movement & trying to get people to understand how wonderful handmade creations are.
    Keep up the great work - love your bags btw...
    I twittered this post - hope it brings in something good for you :)

  5. I agree.. I love handmade as well.. I get a lot of great ideas, though I am not very good at executing them.. am learning by trial and error though.

  6. TilT - thank you sooo much for 'twittering' me ☺
    I saw your bags, you're so talented. Love the one with the wooden handles! How dare anyone give you 'that look' ;-)

    Swapna - glad you like handmade. I started out slowly too, made mistakes, got some great advice from more experienced's an ongoing process, but so satisfying!
    Don't give up!

  7. You're mentioned for an award.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Laane - wow! thanks so much. Going straight over to your blog now!

  9. I admired you and other people who were able to create something beautiful using their bare hands and brain. Through your creativity, effort and hard work you were able to produce beautiful handmade products.Keep up the good work!

  10. abie - thank you so much. It's good to know there are people out there like you who appreciate handmade...♥

  11. I'm such a believer in handmade. Not crafty myself, I'm sick of big corporations and big box stores like Wal-Mart. I'm striving for a corporate free Christmas.

  12. Hey Kristine!
    Yeah, me too. I'm glad you appreciate handmade♥


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