Wednesday, February 16

Everything Etsy :)

So I figured out what was wrong with my FB widget, as judging by the comments to my previous post it only affected me. Turns out that it only works when I'm logged in as my profile - as soon as I log in as my page the widget goes blank. Whatever.

Etsy is being really, really good to me. What can I say? Ich liebe Etsy - that's I love Etsy in German. An assortment of my products have been included in five more treasuries - I'm not going to list all of them here - just my favourite one by MySuperSweetBoutique.

My French Knickers are in the second row, far left. Also, I listed some sleepmasks, including this lovely Vintage inspired birdy one - and it's the last one! Hurry, if you want it. Remember - I reduced international shipping to only USD 6,- on small items.

Up next - A giveaway! Stay tuned to find out more soon...


Saturday, February 12

More rain.

The rain has been bucketing down for days and it is starting to get at my normally cheerful disposition. I think I might just snuggle down on the big bed with a nice cup of tea and good book today. And Sammy to keep me company!

Hope your weekend isn't as wet as ours. Take care,

Thursday, February 10

Looking for a last-minute Valentine's gift?

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching this aptly named treasury created by Monika includes some lovely, romantic items that would make perfect gifts for the loved ones in your life. Check it out!

A big thank you to Monika a.k.a. Drachenfrau for including my Darla Rose Cosmetic Pouch.

Saturday, February 5

What have I been up to lately?

Hi everyone!

It's been pretty quiet here on the blog front, but that's only because lots of things have been going on behind the scenes. I've been working longer than usual; honing my shop, attending to the biz side of things and, of course, sewing in every spare moment! There's a pile of stuff I want to take pictures of, but with the weather as chaotic as it is right now I will have to be patient. I made this special gift set for Valentine's Day, and I would have listed that in my shop two weeks ago, but for one tiny embellishment, that I ordered (through Etsy) that never arrived. No point to list it for Valentine's now, since shipping seems to be sluggish both locally and internationally. If it does eventually arrive I might list it as a Mother's Day gift ;-)
I have added a new tab to my Facebook Fan Page that will take all my lovely fans directly to my sleepwear shop. Here's a collage of what's on offer so far...

Ever popular sleepmasks, flirty French knickers (pajama shorts), cropped pants, tops, lingerie bags...

Many of my items are embellished with French lace, and only today I've received a package with sundry ribbons and satin roses. Hope to be using these soon too! I've also been working on a nightdress pattern. Here are photos of the prototype, front and back. Sorry, the lighting is not optimal.

I based this dress on my original pajama top pattern, lengthened it so that the hem hits just above the knee, added a ruffle and two halterneck straps. There is a soft elastic that goes all the way round underneath the bodice to the back, which helps to shape the dress. The skirt is full and flared. You can't see properly in this photo, but the fabric is a lovely chambray in soft blue with pink roses. This would also make a nice sundress!
*sigh* I hope the sun will make an appearance this weekend...

hope everyone's having a great one!