Friday, July 31

Top Entrecard Droppers for July

Another month just flew by! Time to thank all bloggers on Entrecard who stopped by my blog, left a comment and/or dropped their card! Thank you so much! And a HUGE THANKS to the top ten droppers of the month: Take a coffee break A Simple Life Mommy's Little Corner Computer Aid The Modern Mom moms...check nyo Yummy as can be Life's sweets and spices Life's tricky situations The Ad Master Thanks also to the new team at Entrecard who decided to dispense with the paid ad nonsense.

Thursday, July 30

Back to School pencil cases

The summer holidays are coming to an end, and most families are getting their kids ready for the new term. On occasions like these it's common to present the younger children with a 'going back to school' package to sweeten that awkward first day. This may include a new writing set, note pads, a set of colour pencils, and pencil cases. Here are some I made. The cat and dog appliqué were a lot of fun to design. In fact, that doggy actually exists - he's one of our neighbour's dogs!
doggy pencil case sold
Lotus pencil case
here kitty pencil case sold

Monday, July 27

Reviewing my To Do list

Like every year I made a To Do list sometime at the beginning of 2009. By August I'm usually 70% done - not this year however. Some of you may recall I started the year being hospitalized. I was seriously ill with a virus infection. Somehow that set the tone for the coming weeks and months. I was feeling under the weather for most of March/April, yet I still tried my best to handle the day-to-day business and keeping up with sewing. Since mid-May I've had another (and unresolved) health issue impacting my life negatively, thereby compromising my efficiency. This means there will be no new website this year. I would have had to triple my output, which is just not possible at the moment. Also, our big vacation in October is 'on hold', depending on the outcome of the test results. This is a big disappointment, but maybe the universe is telling me something? Like slowing down, for instance? Anyway, I'm still keeping my Dawanda shop, and hopefully, once my doc figures out how to alleviate, better yet, eliminate the pain I'm currently experiencing, I'll be able to list new stuff more frequently. Bear with me, please :) On a more positive note - one of my potted hydrangeas making an appearance at last! I wish everyone a great week!

Sunday, July 26

Hello Blogfriends...

Hard to believe I've had this blog for almost a year now! I've also realized something: Although I know what all my blogging friends look like, I've managed to stay anonymous so far! Not fair, right? here are a couple of pics of moi. This is the only pic where I managed to stand still. That's my creativity board behind me. Most of the time I was making funny faces at my husband and laughing my head off!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, July 21

New make up bag and other stuff :)

Dawanda, my selling venue, informed me via email this morning that they have revamped the products page. I immediately went and checked. The images are definitely larger now and so is the text - thanks Dawanda, for being so considerate towards us myopic people :) The whole page looks a bit more pulled together and all relevant icons are clearly visible. Great job. Just one thing - when you click on one of my products there's a banner that says my product is 'customizable'. Well, it is to an extent, but when there's only one of it, what you see is what you get.
Meanwhile, all my sleep masks have been sold, but one (see image). I'm trying hard to sew some more, but with my arm/wrist/hand in constant pain it's easier said than done! I have finished another make up bag using a print that may be familiar to you now; this one's in pink/cream. The trim that embellishes the front pocket is called 'Sakura' and is a limited edition!

Friday, July 17

Lavender Dreams

Apparently I'm in a 'lavender' phase at the moment. I also realized it's been ages since I made one of my standard make up bags, and there was just enough fabric left of this beautiful lavender fabric with the script print! I'm quite fond of fabrics that have script or interesting lettering on them, even if it's total gibberish! Here's an anecdote I'd like to share: Back when I was still working in the city, I lived in a cute apartment in an art-nouveau house with huge windows. I had decorated the windows with nice cream curtains that had fine gold script on them. I noticed my hubby (boyfriend back then) was staring at them quite intently, but didn't think much of it. A couple days later we met up again and out of the blue he asks me what "(he recites the script)" means. I laughed and said, it doesn't mean anything, it's just the design! Hahaha. I guess the hubs is all for logic, while I go for aesthetics. ps - click on the image to get a close-up view of the charming rosebud-button. This was a real find, and I'm happy that I finally got to use it!

Thursday, July 16

Random thoughts on Thursday

Well, I had the MRT (MRI) done yesterday, and those were the loooongest 15 minutes, I tell you! Did I mention I'm claustrophobic? I wasn't too thrilled either when they told me I had to lie face down with one arm held out straight above my head, while a needle was stuck in the other pumping in the radiocontrast agent. Then, when the extremely loud thumping noise began I thought I'd gone to techno-hell! Results will be in in about three days, but guess what? My physician has gone on vacation for two weeks, so I'm forced to live with the pain and the uncertainty until he get's back. Great. I'm sorry for not being very cheery this morning, but I had to get up really early for additional blood tests on an empty stomach. I get really cranky when I haven't had my breakfast! I promise I'll be in a better mood tomorrow. I'm a positive person! ☺☺☺☺☺☺

Monday, July 13

Where has summer gone?

It seems we've only enjoyed a couple of really hot and sunny days over here where I live; for the most part the weather's looking like this: My blogging friend Ita over at Something to Share took pity on me and sent me some sunshine via this sparkly blog award! Thank you so much, Ita. I love it! As far as I know 'ouro' means gold in Portugese. Now it's my turn to share some bloggy love with... in no particular order Shyn @ debugging my life Theresa @ Theresa's Treasures Kristin @ My Art and the Mom in me Deanna @ Timeless Things Nancy @ Nanjo Dogz I hope there's lots of sunshine wherever you may live... take care,

Saturday, July 11

Introducing: Westfalenstoffe

First of all, I would like to thank ALL of you for your kind and heartfelt comments to my previous post. I have forwarded them to my dad. I know he will take great comfort in them. Thank you for your support. I'm so glad I'm part of this great blogging community!
I will be doing a series of posts highlighting European textile companies. Maybe it's fitting that I start off with a famous German textile company: Westfalenstoffe AG. I happen to live only about an hour's drive away from their headquarters and outlet store! This company was founded 75 years ago by textile artist Hanne-Nuete Kaemmerer, born 1903, famous for her intricate and, at the time, quite innovative cross-stitch designs. Many of her early textile designs have been reproduced, and are popularly used to decorate kitchens, given them a typical country house feel. Perhaps most notable is that these fabrics are made from 100% natural cotton, and do not contain formaldehyde or synthetic resin. All the colours are non-toxic and therefore suitable for children's clothes and bed linens. Westfalenstoffe produce a wide range of checks (Vichy), stripes and floral prints - which can easily be mixed and matched. They also produce a variety of very distinctive cuddly dolls! To find international retailers click here for more information.

Friday, July 10

R.I.P. Jenny

My father's dog passed away last night. Thirteen years ago, Jenny was found with a rope tied round her neck and a plastic bag around her snout :( My dad took her home, cleaned her up, had her vaccinated and neutered. Despite her trauma Jenny turned out to be the sweetest, most kind-hearted and loving dog imaginable. We're going to miss her so, but I'm glad after her initial ordeal she had a happy and stress-free life. Rest in peace.

Wednesday, July 8

5 years old today!

It's Sammy's Birthday!
Well, actually...nobody really knows when my birfday iz, but five years ago today, back when I waz still thin, my mommy and daddy rescued me from the animal shelter! I always get new toys on my birfday. Look: I gots this weird fuzzy rope with the feathers on the end that tickle my nose! Mmm. Tastes good too! And this ball-thingy with colourful feathers. Yay! It's mine, all mine. Birfday's are so cool. I gets to do anyfing I want...digg my sharp claws into the sofa...make holes in the carpet...pull a couple of threads out of the curtain - hey, wait. I do that everyday, don't I? Purrrrs, Sammy

Monday, July 6

New handbag

Here's a new bag I designed. It's made with one of my favourite prints. Actually I made it to match a sleeveless A-line tunic in the same bright red I made a while ago, which I still have to take a picture of. Up until now it was always too cold to wear...I hope to show it off soon! The handbag closes with a magnetic snap button. The strap is reinforced with a special type of interfacing I had wanted to try out for ages (it works), and it's the perfect length for carrying on your shoulder without slipping off (like so many other bags do). Wishing you all a great week! Till next time,