Tuesday, July 31

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Duni's Studio is a craft and lifestyle blog, which focuses on handmade, refashion, upcycling, DIY, and running a small business. My goal is to promote an inspired lifestyle through handmade,  crafts, upcycling and the occasional (mostly) healthy recipe. My blog has been featured on high traffic design and craft sites such as DaWanda, a little etsy love , Mollie Makes UK. and Mollie Makes Germany. Duni's Studio was also chosen as Dawanda LoveMag ambassador in 2013.

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A wonderful group of readers stop by each day; I average around 1000 pageviews daily, with frequent spikes as high as 3000 (see PVs below). My blog reaches 7000+ readers through  Google +, Bloglovin', email subscriptions, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, GFC and other relevant channels.
October 2016

Who are my visitors? Since my blog is bilingual I have about an equal amount of English-speaking and German-speaking readers. My English-speaking audience comes from (in descending order) USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Asian countries plus an ever increasing number of affluent readers from Russia.
German readers obviously come from Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. Most of my readers are female of all ages, interested in DIY projects, handmade goods, decorating, photography and living a beautiful life.

Duni's Studio is a consistently growing blog since 2008. I make sure of posting high quality content featuring topics I know my readers will love! Most of my posts are lengthy - ensuring high visibility of your ad. All ads will be rotated twice a month. I'm offering a number of ad spots in the right side column to independent artists and designers (Etsy, Dawanda, Artfire, own website etc. all welcome) as well as crafty Bloggers who support the handmade movement.

Advertising on Duni's Studio is a great way to promote your business!

Currently I'm offering two ad options. I have five spots available for Option One, the Happy Blogger option. This ad starts on the first day and ends on the last day of any purchased month.
The Happy Blogger Sponsor will receive a special mention in a post with links as well as promotion on Instagram and Facebook during that month.

Happy Blogger Ad

Option Two: The Rising Star Package. There is only one spot available every three months. The ad will be right at the top above all other ads in the column - it will stay at the top for all of the three months. This premium ad package includes a sponsor post linking to all designated sites as well as extensive promoting via Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and all other social media channels. For further information please contact me duni.buesken(at)gmx(dot)de

Rising Star Ad

If you are interested please get in touch with me at duni.buesken(at)gmx(dot)de for details. I'm happy to accept and promote sponsors who fit the ethics of Duni's Studio. You can send me your ad for approval by attaching it to an email (images in jpeg format). I will also need the web address that you'd like the ad to link to and your PayPal email. Once I've reviewed your ad (and if it's deemed to be a good fit for my blog), I will send you a PayPal invoice and once that's paid, your ad will go up depending on your ad option and your choice of month(s). I reserve the right to refuse ads.

I love supporting small  (handmade) businesses! Let me help you increase your visibility and grow your customer base! 

Sponsored Posts / Kooperationen

If you are a local or international company looking to increase your customer base, please contact me at duni.buesken[at]gmx.de for current rates or check out this sample post. Sponsored posts are bilingual (English / German) and cross-posted on social media sites to reach hundreds of potential customers and include professionally styled photos of your product and relevant links. Please note that I research your company / website to ensure it fulfills my criteria before agreeing to a collaboration.  

Sind Sie an einer Kooperation mit Duni's Studio interessiert? Für weitere Informationen sowie aktuelle Raten nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit mir auf: duni.buesken[at]gmx.de. Beiträge sind stets zweisprachig (Deutsch / Englisch), werden auf allen Social Media Kanälen verbreitet und beinhalten relevante Links sowie professionell gestylte Produktfotos. So erreichen Sie / Ihre Firma hunderte von potenziellen Kunden. Bitte beachten Sie, dass ich Ihre Firma / Webseite vorab recherchiere. Eine Zusammenarbeit erfolgt insofern Ihre Firma / Webseite bestimmte Kriterien, z.B. Arbeitsethik erfüllt.


  1. Good idea, will email you later!:-)

  2. Love the photo of Sammy! He's such a handsome boy! I hope you get lots of sponsors!

  3. Awh, I love that your blog is growing so much! What a great new option:)

  4. vielen Dank :)
    das freut mich sehr

  5. It's nice that Sammy is pitching in and doing his part to help you.

  6. I would love to do the "Happy Blogger" option, I am sure it is filled for this month- as today is the 1st.... Perhaps next month?

  7. This is a great endeavor for you Duni. And thank you for inserting the cute little one out there :) Hi Sammy!

    If I may suggest, I think you should also place this post as part of your menu or side bar so that interested readers could easily see it from time to time :)

  8. Wow I've just find Your blog, following Your dawanda shop, It's really lovely, and You've made a great offer with The ads!!!

  9. Awesome! I'd love to advertise for couchfarm.com

  10. Awesome! I'd love to advertise for couchfarm.com

    1. Thanks Tanner! Please get in touch with me via email for details.


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