Sunday, November 10

Tilda fabrics, Paper Goods & New Sashiko Threads


Tilda Old Rose

Hello dear readers!

This year has gone by so fast; I can't believe Christmas will be here in 6 weeks. Looking back I have  spent a good chunk of my precious time in doctor's offices, so a lot of my planned projects had to be put on hold. I am one step closer to figuring out what is causing my persistent symptoms, so there's that. A while ago I decided to focus less on the physical pain and more on the things that bring me joy. The Tilda fabrics seen in the picture above definitely make my heart skip! There are matching buttons in two sizes and woven jacquard ribbon with rose motif as well. I made some Christmas decor using the small red rose and the large grey rose fabric.

If you are looking for unique Christmas cards, check out these vintage-style card sets from April Rose. They come in sets of 8, with two designs and include a white envelope. There are four sets to choose from! Premium quality printed in England.

April Rose Card Sets

Jot down your Christmas gift or to-do list on these fun and practical Christmas-themed note pads from German paper goods supplier Krima & Isa. Matching pencils available too! Apart from these, there's a fun range of Christmas postcards, gift bags, tags, ribbons and advent stickers.

Krima & Isa


New in are these sweet and romantic fabrics from well-known Japanese fabric supplier Lecien. I had ordered these a long time ago, and I have to admit it's becoming increasingly difficult to acquire these fabrics. The bulk of fabrics usually go to the huge craft stores - independent stores like mine are at the bottom of the list. I'm lucky if I even get half of what I ordered. Nevertheless I love these floral prints from the Antique Flower 2019 collection!

Antique Flower in Pastel

Speaking of Japan, some of you might be familiar with Sashiko, the simple stitching tradition of northern Japan. Sashiko means "little stabs" creating little stitches that look a bit like rice grains. Originally this technique was used to mend and recycle garments with white thread. Nowadays Sashiko has developed into richly patterned and often brightly colored designs. I have been studying and practicing the art of Sashiko embroidery for several months now. I am still learning, but I find the results of the mostly geometric patterns quite satisfying. And now that we've entered the winter season, those long evenings at home are perfect for some meditative Sashiko stitching! You can find the original Sashiko threads in several colors in my shop. I especially like that they come on practical cones. To get started all you need is a long needle with a large eye and some fabric with an open weave, like linen, jeans fabric, cotton flannel etc. You don't require a hoop for this embroidery technique.

I am working on traditional pattern - Shippou

Mini Tutorial using Sashiko Thread

Apart from traditional Sashiko stitching, the thread is suitable for crossstitch, crochet and other crafts, such as tiny tassels or these wrapped beads - Here's my little tutorial for making a Sashiko thread bead necklace!

You will need:

wooden beads with large hole (as used for Makramee)
Sashiko thread
needle with large eye
small wooden beads (optional)

Cosmo Sashiko Thread

How to:

Thread the needle with a very long piece of Sashiko thread, double it up and tie a knot at the end. Dab a little bit of glue on the inside of the wooden bead and press the knotted end of the thread into it. Then start "wrapping" the bead with the thread, carefully pulling it through the hole. Make sure that all areas of the bead are covered. Weave the end through two or three threads on the inside and snip off. You can add a tiny bit of glue to secure on the inside. Make two more. 
Cut a piece of cord to the length you wish your necklace to be. Thread your Sashiko beads and (optional) smaller wooden beads and tie the ends. And you're done! Enjoy :)

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Tuesday, September 10

New fabric line, Handmade, Life lately & more fabric!


Hello lovelies!

true to my new motto of "blogging without obligation" this happens to be only my second blog post this year. I admit it feels kind of weird after blogging three times per week for years. If you follow my business account on Instagram you'll find that I have been working on several projects which I'm excited to share here on the blog.
US fabric designer Tanya Whelan, who switched to a different manufacturer last year released a new collection - Janey. These fabrics have such a happy vibe and feature her signature nostalgic rose bouquets in fresh aqua, vibrant pink and red plus fun rose cameos on gingham. It took a while for these to arrive over here in Germany, but when they did I couldn't resist making a little something.

I honestly wish I could sew more, but since I'm still experiencing pain almost every day in varying intensity I can only do as much as my body will allow. As you can imagine I have seen one doctor after the other, sat for hours in stuffy waiting rooms and argued with (at least) one of them. It's frustrating, but I've vowed not to let this, whatever *this* is, become the focus of my attention. Nope.
We've had a weird summer, alternating between relatively cool, rainy days and exceptionally hot days. And two weeks in July were absolutely scorching. Every day I had to fill those water bowls that I had placed in shadow-y areas in the garden for the thirsty birds. Speaking of garden. Earlier this year we decided to turn ours into a low-maintenance one. Right now it's a pretty muddy mess - Leo loves it :) Ever seen a cat roll around in mud?
Also our upper balcony is getting a make-over! I know I mentioned this around three years ago, but you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find and coordinate contractors. So far we've had a new balcony door and the electrical stuff installed, but the big part, the actual renovation is only going to start early next year. Still, I'm so glad we've made progress and finalized our design.

Over the summer my illustrator friend Siobhan and I collaborated on a cute new post card range!Check out these vintage style numbers cards. Coincidentally, I turned fabulous fifty this summer and I spent my birthday weekend in my favorite city Amsterdam. Too bad it was raining, but I enjoyed the scenery, the flower market and the food none the less...and how cute is that hotel kitty?

In additional fabric news, I don't know how I could have missed out on these whimsical fabrics by German company acufactum for so long. Particularly as the company headquarters is only about an hours drive from my home! These are selling really well in my shop. The delicate motifs featuring dainty girls, pretty flowers, birds, magical fairies and little mice are original illustrations by Daniela Drescher. There's also a matching range of satin ribbons. It's all so cute! I made a little zip pouch and tried my hand at stitching letters by hand.

Coming soon, hopefully beginning of October is another new fabric range, which has gained a huge following in Europe in the last ten years or so - the popular Tilda fabrics designed by Norwegian Tone Finnanger. She has published a number of craft books and is known for her sewing patterns for soft toys, home decoration and colorful quilts. Super excited to be receiving "Old Rose" this Fall.

There's some other items coming this Fall as well, but I'll keep that under wraps for now :) Take care everyone and thank you for reading along! Till next time...

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Saturday, April 6

Hello again!


Amberley by Brenda Riddle
We're four months into 2019, so I guess it's a bit late to wish my dear readers a happy new year, assuming you are still reading my blog! I have an excuse for neglecting my blog all these months. Early January I had a major set back healthwise and ended up in hospital, not once but twice. I'm still not feeling all that great, so blogging is really the last thing on my mind right now. I apologize. 

Also, ever since the implementation of all these new rules and regulations effectively censoring online activity, it's become a lot less fun to blog. I remember back in 2008 (!) blogging was a mix of creative writing, journaling, sharing and exchanging information, the occasional promotion and link building. It was casual, easy, and fun! These days I have to weigh each word carefully and linking is a tricky business. Frankly, it's not worth the risk being fined. There are people out there being paid to scan (German) blogs for even the tiniest of "mistakes". And the fines are hefty. It sucks.
I have been a little more active on Instagram. But even on there I have to be careful what to post and how I formulate the description.

This year I didn't get around to sewing much, even though my fingers are itching to complete a couple of projects. I do still have a few of my foldable shopping bags available at Etsy. Heads up - international shipping has gone up this year, so it pays to buy more as it's a fixed price up to 1 kg.

In between hospital stays and work commitments I have collaborated with my illustrator friend Siobhan on a wonderful design project for my main shop. Check out this gorgeous collection of postcards with vintage/shabby chic illustrations. There are 10 happy designs to choose from. Printed in UK on high quality, matte finish card. New in are also lovely "Thank You" and "Birthday" greeting cards with envelopes included. Below are some of my favorites.

Last weekend I managed to visit the trade fair in Cologne after all. This fair is important in my line of work, and although it was quite exhausting I was glad I got to meet up with some colleagues and preview the latest fabric collections. Here's a sneak peek of Tanya Whelan's latest "Janey" due to arrive in May. So pretty!

Easter is only two weeks away, can you believe? I'm hoping for some milder weather. It's been quite chilly and rainy these past few weeks. I generally feel better physically and emotionally in warmer weather. A bit of sunshine can do wonders. 
Wishing you a wonderful weekend, take care and enjoy every moment. Love,

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Friday, December 14

Paper Stocking Garland - Easy Craft


Hello lovelies! ­čĺŚ Hallo ihr Lieben!

Here's a fun little paper craft project just in time for the holidays. It's been really dark these past few days, so the pics aren't the best quality. 

Hier zeige ich euch eine einfache und schnelle Deko-Idee. Leider war es in den letzten Tagen so dunkel, dass die Bildqualit├Ąt nicht die Beste ist.

You will need // Ihr braucht

Assortment of Christmas-themed cardstock // Scrapbook Papier mit weihnachtlichen Motiven
Various bits of trims // kleine St├╝cke Spitze, Zackenlitze etc. zum Verzieren
Thin double-sided tape // D├╝nnes doppelseitiges Klebeband
Twine // Bastelgarn
Scissors // Schere
Needle with large eye // Nadel mit gro├čem ├ľhr
Pencil // Bleistift
Awl // Ahle

Download mini stocking template (see link above) and print. Cut out the shape. Use this template to trace as many stockings as you wish your garland length to be. Then cut them out. Since I don't have a lot of space for hanging mine is a small one with just five stockings. 

Die Vorlage downloaden (siehe Link oben) und ausdrucken. Entlang der schwarzen Linie ausschneiden. Diese Vorlage mit Hilfe des Bleistifts auf das Papier ├╝bertragen und soviel Socken ausschneiden wie die Girlande lang sein soll. Da ich nicht viel Platz zum Aufh├Ąngen habe, habe ich eine Mini-Girlande mit nur f├╝nf Socken gebastelt.

Step One
Mark the holes on each stocking. Then use the awl to gently punch the two holes.

Step Two
About 1 cm beneath the holes stick a strip of double-sided tape. Peel off the backing. Attach a bit of trim to it and press well. 

Step Three
You can customize your stocking as you wish, for example, add one or two more rows of trim.

Step Four
Thread the needle with a long piece of twine. Starting from one end, thread needle through the first hole from the back and down through the second hole. Up through the back of the next stocking and down again through the second hole until you have threaded all stockings. Space them apart equally.

Schritt Eins
Die Position der L├Âcher markieren. Dann mit der Ahle je zwei L├Âcher pro Socke machen.

Schritt Zwei
Circa 1 cm unter den L├Âcher ein St├╝ck doppelseitiges Klebeband befestigen. Dann ein gleich langes St├╝ck Borte, Spitze etc. abschneiden und fest andr├╝cken. 

Schritt Drei
Je nach Wunsch k├Ânnt Ihr die Socken mit weiteren Borten verzieren.

Schritt Vier
Das Bastelgarn in die Nadel einf├Ądeln und von einer Seite beginnend von hinten durch das erste Loch f├╝hren, dann von vorne durch das zweite Loch, dann in das erste Loch von hinten von der zweiten Socke und wieder von vorne durch das n├Ąchste Loch...bis alle Socken aufgef├Ądelt sind. Die Socken gleichm├Ą├čig auf der Schnur verteilen.

And now the garland is ready for hanging in your favorite place!
Und nun ist die Papiergirlande fertig zum Aufh├Ąngen!

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Saturday, November 10

Hello (again) Etsy! Life lately and Christmas Special


Hello lovelies!

I'm coming up for air after three intense weeks of technical issues with my online shop. You know how my online shop is my "baby"? Well, I received an email from my hosting service that they would be carrying out a PHP update. I didn't think this would affect my website adversely, but on the day they implemented it my website was gone, like entirely. One call to an independent software developer later it turns out I required a completely new database that supported this new PHP version. I didn't have an option other than to employ said developer to restore and install a new database. Finally my website is up, but I find it doesn't run properly. And as of two days ago I'm unable to log in to my own site!! The tech guy is trying to fix the issue as I write. Update: I can log in again!

Hallo, ihr Lieben!

ich dachte ich melde mich mal wieder auf dem Blog! Vor einem Monat erhielt ich eine Nachricht von meinem Webanbieter, dass eine PHP Umstellung ansteht. Dies hatte leider zur Folge, dass mein Online Shop mehrere Tage komplett verschwunden war und nur mit Hilfe eines PHP Entwicklers konnte diese wieder hergestellt werden - aber leider nicht so wie sie vorher war! Es mussten u.a. viele Fehler behoben und meine fast vierhundert Artikel ├╝berarbeitet werden - ich habe daf├╝r ein paar Nachtschichten eingelegt. Soweit so gut, nur leider kann ich mich seit zwei Tagen nicht mehr einloggen und somit auch nichts verkaufen/bearbeiten!! Seufz. Nach so viel Arbeit ist es irgendwie  deprimierend. Nun hei├čt es f├╝r mich abwarten und Geduld ├╝ben. Denn das Problem kann nur ein Programmierer l├Âsen. Update: es klappt wieder mit dem Einloggen!

Meanwhile I have reopened my Etsy shop! I'm offering my best selling fabrics on here as well as a limited edition of handmade items. There are quite a few changes on Etsy since I was last active on there in 2016. I had to get legal advice because of all the new laws that have been passed over here this year. I am glad I had the foresight to transfer my reviews to Etsy before Dawanda shut down. My stats have gone up since I've begun listing again, so at least I know my shop is being seen :)

Unterdessen habe ich mich entschieden bei Etsy wieder aktiv zu werden. Es hat sich dort viel ver├Ąndert und ich habe ein paar Tage gebraucht, um mich da wieder zurechtzufinden. Etsy ist eines der bekanntesten Marktpl├Ątze in der Branche und zieht weltweit massiv viele Kunden an. Au├čerdem bietet Etsy viele hilfreiche Shop-Funktionen f├╝r den Verk├Ąufer. Nachdem ich dort Artikel eingestellt habe sind meine Besucherzahlen in die H├Âhe geschossen. Was bin ich froh, dass ich damals die Weitsicht hatte meine (Dawanda)-Bewertungen rechtzeitig noch bei Etsy zu sichern :) 

To distract from all the technical issues and also to calm my mind I have been busy making stuff :) I hand stamped the above lavender pillows with cute folksy motifs.

Um mich von den technischen Problemen abzulenken habe ich mich meinem liebsten Hobby gewidmet. Die obigen Lavendel Kissen zum Aufh├Ąngen sind mit s├╝├čen Motiven bestempelt.

And now for the Christmas Special. I received some lovely, limited edition Christmas-themed items and cards for my shop. Check out them out below:

Stationery / Papeterie Krima & Isa

Und nun zeige ich euch die Neuheiten f├╝r Weihnachten im Shop. Es gibt s├╝├če Postkarten, Geschenkt├╝ten, wundersch├Âne Kartensets mit s├╝├čen Motiven im Vintage Stil sowie feines Porzellan!

Cute card sets (8 pcs/ two designs) ❤ S├╝├če Kartensets (8 St. /zwei Designs)
more designs available in the shop / es gibt noch weitere Kartendesigns im Shop :

*Home for Christmas* Limited Edition

Thank you for reading along. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. And please don't hesitate to contact me via email if you are interested in any of the products above. Happy weekend!

Vielen Dank f├╝rs Lesen und Schauen! Ich w├╝nsche euch ein sch├Ânes und gem├╝tliches Herbstwochenende!

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