Wednesday, October 29

Vintage Rose

If you're a romantic gal (like I am)...then this little make up bag is perfect for you! Made from light green decorator weight fabric appliquéd with a beautiful 'English rose motif' -  cut from my personal collection of vintage fabrics! I have embellished the motif with iridescent flower-shaped paillettes and genuine SWAROVSKI crystal beads. It's lined with a medium-weight cotton in creamy ivory. Lightly padded for softness. Size approx. 16 x 14 x 7 cm or 6.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches. This unique one-of-a-kine bag is available in my shop here.

Tuesday, October 28

I ♥ Fabric

I was thinking back to when my love of fabric took hold, and it must have been when I was about 4 or 5 years old. The fabric I fell in love with was actually this dress my mom bought. I remember it was a 70's style knee-length, V-neck dress in teal blue, tied at the waist with a fabric belt. The most amazing thing about this dress was that it was printed all over with tiny motorcycles !! You had to really look closely to recognize the motorcycle print - viewed from afar the dress just looked like it had a random black/blue/red pattern. It was really funny, and I adored that dress. Too bad my mom didn't keep it. With a couple alterations it would have made a wonderful vintage dress for me! I have never seen this fabric anywhere since. I wish I could find a photo somewhere... Anyway, that's when it all started. I kept a big box under my bed where I put all my fabric swatches - cut from old cushions, scarves, curtains, tablecloths, aprons, handkerchiefs - anything that had an interesting print, especially roses. Later, when I was about 8, I sewed my first project - by hand. We didn't have a sewing machine in those days. I didn't have a pattern, it was just something I thought up - I made a tiny quilt for my doll's wicker pram! I even sewed on a bit of lace I found in a tin (actually an old Danish Butter Cookies tin), where my mom kept odds and ends and I made tiny roses out of pink satin ribbon. I was really satisfied when it was done. After high-school I wanted to become a fashion designer, and I started a few semesters, but due to circumstances at the time I had to quit and went to business college instead. I did end up working in the textile business though, travelling all over the world! And then, when I moved to the country with my hubby a couple of years ago, I decided to start all over. So I set up a small translating/tutoring business and in my spare time I sew as much as possible. I like designing new bag shapes - some of them work, some don't - but that's okay, because it's the creative process that I enjoy. And yes, I still have a box of fabric...several, in fact ☺

Saturday, October 25

Pink Peony

Slightly larger make up bag to show off this gorgeous fabric! Bright pink peonies on an ivory background with pale green dots. This fabric really makes a statement. The lining has a scallop pattern in matching pale green on ivory. Front pocket handy for keeping combs, nail files or hairclips! Measures approx. 16 x 14 x 7.5 cm or 6.5 x 5.5 x 3 inches. This unique bag is available in my online shop. Check it out here.

Keep your specs nice & cosy

My mom ordered a new pair of eye glasses recently, and when she went to pick them up she received this tacky plastic eye glass case. So I decided to design one for my mom. This fabric eye glass case is made with my popular mini dots fabric - in aqua - with a contrasting fabric inside. It is padded with high-volume interfacing to make it nice and soft and squishy! I sewed on a little vintage button in iridescent rose.

Thursday, October 23

Blue Strawberries? Why not!

Minibag with tiny blue strawberries and hearts. This print is cute and playful! I lined the bag with a fun matching blue polka dot. A tiny heart embellishes the front. As always this bag is softly padded. Measures approx. 19.5 x 10 cm or 8 x 4 inches.

Sunday, October 19

Just in time for Halloween

Great gift idea for Halloween fans and the Goth-Girl in you! Make up bags featuring skulls on pink or aqua swirls. 100% cotton. Lining is pink/white stripes for the pink and aqua polka dots for the aqua bag respectively. Measures approx. 15 x 13 x 7 cm Available in my shop now.

Saturday, October 18

Sweet & Romantic

This cute bag is made of 100% cotton featuring a sweet rose print. The lining is a pastel pink cotton check. The bag is softly padded and embellished with a cute gold heart on the front. Keep all your personal items in here, or your jewelry, or your hair accessories etc. Measures approx. 19.5 cm x 10 cm - perfectly sized to fit in your handbag. All my bags are unique, I rarely make two of the same, so if you really want this bag - be quick. It's in my shop and it's the only one available!

Thursday, October 16


Long time ago I bought this lovely ruffle and I wanted to make use of it on one of my bags. I have to admit, while sewing this pouch it was pretty tricky catching the ruffle in between the layers accurately. The result is quite pretty. I appliquéd a cute heart on the front - the same pink check fabric used on the lining. Unfortunately, we're having a bit of a rainy spell at the moment, so the photo didn't turn out that well, even though I've brightened it with photoshop. I could've done without the shadows...oh well. Still learning to make nice shots.

Wednesday, October 15

Rosie baby blue zip pouch

I finished this yesterday and it's available in my DaWanda shop here. This pattern is very cute and romantic. For the little princess in you...

Tuesday, October 14

A few more cute bags...

 Cute 'Rosie' baby blue zip pouch is already on its way to sunny California for my friend L. I have similar bags in my shop. Each is individually handsewn and features a variation of patterns and embellishments. Measures approx. 15 cm x 12 cm. The 'Rosy dots' make up bag is a custom order for a close friend. The front pocket is handy for keeping combs and nail files. This bag is pretty & romantic.

Sunday, October 12

Forget-me-not Zip Pouch

This adorable handy little pouch is available in my shop here. It's made of 100% cotton and stabilized with soft interfacing. The lining is a fresh pink/white striped cotton fabric. You can keep anything you want in it - make up, coins, buttons, notions, earrings, ribbons and plenty more! The ribbon on the front reads 'Vergiß mein nicht', which is German for 'forget-me-not' Approx. 15 cm x 12 cm

Wednesday, October 8

London Chic

This bag reminds me so much of the label 'Burberry'. It was a custom order from last year - sorry, this is not available in my shop. It's made of a wonderful wool plaid and is very soft to the touch. As a finishing touch, I have embellished it with a little crown.

Yippee, my new PFAFF arrived!

I received a huge parcel today containing my new PFAFF sewing machine, which I had ordered at the weekend. I have already unpacked it and just now did a quick 'test run'. This machine is definitely an upgrade to my old one. The instruction manual is incredibly easy to understand, and the clear photos and illustrations simplify the threading and sewing procedures. The seams run along smoothly and it's really quiet - saving my poor ears. I am really happy with this machine, and it's definitely motivated me to sew more bags, especially since I've only recently opened my shop on DaWanda.

Tuesday, October 7

Minidots Aqua

This bag features a contrasting lining - white dots on aqua - and soft padding. It measures approx. 19.5 cm x 10 cm - perfect for make up, as a pencil case, buttons and notions, anything you can think of! This is new in my shop and can be bought here

Monday, October 6

Autumn has arrived the form of a cute make up bag! I made this bag from a rich, dark chocolate brown cotton fabric and appliquéd the toadstool motif on the front. It measures about 15 cm x 13 cm.

Sunday, October 5

Orange Dots

Roses and dots are two of my favourite fabrics. I buy them in all variations. This convenient, little purse can be used for make up, as a pencil case or for keeping sewing notions. It measures approx. 19.5 cm at the widest point and is 10 cm high. It is lined with a funky orange mini-vichy and is stabilized with soft interfacing. I have embellished it with a tiny gold heart on the front. I find this purse so practical and not so bulky, that I keep one on my vanity, on my desk, in my bag, and in the glove compartment of my car! I sew these regularly as birthday presents and my friends love them just as much as I do! You can buy this purse here

Saturday, October 4

Tote Bag

I finally finished this custom-made tote bag for M.W. I normally specialize in smaller purses and make up bags, but M wanted something large enough to carry A4-type files and notebooks in. This bag measures approx. 30 cm x 35 cm x 8 cm - the perfect size for anything A4, plus it has two pockets for a wallet and mobile phone on the inside. It can be easily carried over the shoulder; the straps are padded for extra softness and are not too long - which is usually a problem for someone smaller than the 'average' 1.68cm. The top part of this bag is a gorgeous rose fabric in sugar pink and red from the Tilda series. It is stunning and a real eye-catcher. I teamed it with a rich, dark chocolate brown. The lining is a crisp pink and white stripe. As a final touch, I embellished it with a little 'strawberry' button. I will be making something similar in different colour variations soon, but for now I'm focussing on smaller bags...besides I have my translation work to take care of, too, and there just isn't enough time for bigger projects at the moment. More's the pity...

Wednesday, October 1

Make up bag

This is one of my favourite - Amy Butler's Damask Rose in sugar pink. I have lined it with a matching pink dotted fabric and heavy duty interfacing to make the bag nice and sturdy, yet soft to the touch. Front pocket is ideal for keeping combs, nail files or hand mirror. A real eye-catcher on your dressing table! My signature 'heart' embellishes the front.