Saturday, April 30

Wake up to a sunny morning

My ruffle shorts are getting more new views on Etsy lately, not least because the weather is finally warming up! I've made some for friends and my mom is going to receive a pair for Mother's Day - she's been asking me for a while now. And recently my rose and gingham ruffle shorts were featured in this lovely treasury by Lucia. It thrills me when one of my items is picked. It sort of validates that I'm on the right track and my stuff does get seen among - what feels like - a bazillion items on Etsy! I'll be making some more in different colours and patterns in the near future. Here's to springtime and sunshine!

Tuesday, April 26

My shabby chic sleep mask featured

I woke up to the good news that my newest sleep mask was included in this pretty treasury curated by Hila
Originally from Israel, Hila creates fabulous Japanese-inspired jewelry after having spent a couple of years living there. Btw, Clicking on the items in the treasury below will take you straight to the listing. I love that drawing of Audrey Hepburn, and the felted slippers are really cute too. Go check them out!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter! Frohe Ostern!

Rabbits soft and cuddly,
Baby Chickens too.
Easter eggs for baskets,
White and pink and blue.
Easter cards of greeting,
Music in the air,
Lillies just to tell us
it's Easter everywhere. 
wishing all my readers and blog friends a happy Easter holiday!

Friday, April 22

Knit Trends 2011/12

At the trade fair two weeks ago there was a mini fashion show highlighting trends for the winter 2011/12 season. I wanted to film the whole thing, but there was too much activity around me and people were jostling for a better view. I was outnumbered by the Italian contingent. lol.
The two main colour themes were - a palette of luxurious beiges/browns/stones/caramels and the other reminding me of those fluorescent marker pens - bright fuchsia, apple green and orange! Patterns were large scale and three-dimensional. There were some unusual crocheted pieces that looked like spider webs, knitted ruffles and fluffy scarves with tassels! I tried uploading a video, but Blogger wouldn't let me :(

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 20

Dunibagz Clearance Sale continued...

Hi everyone!

as mentioned in my previous post I'm closing my Dunibagz shop and the sale is still on. All of the items are designed and handmade by me with dedication and attention to detail. These are all one-of-a-kind; made from designer fabrics in 100% cotton and are normally priced at approx. USD 22,- to 24,-. International shipping for all items is USD 6,-. Please contact me at dunibagz (at) freenet (dot) de if you wish to purchase any of the remaining items:






The fuchsia cosmetic pouch from the previous post is also still available!

Sunday, April 17

Getting organized

Hi there!

I just got back from visiting a dear friend in the big city - a mini spring break so to speak - before tackling my ever expanding "to do" list.

Re: Fabric.
A couple of readers asked me whether I'd still be dealing with the customs office now that I placed a fabric order through a local agent. The short answer is: No. I'm incredibly relieved about this. However, those parcels that I ordered two months ago from overseas are still circling the globe and I won't rest until I've got my hands on them or my money back. 
I've cleared out the linen closet (now stored in baskets) to make way for the fabric bolts, which are due to arrive this week. It will be a tight fit for sure. If they don't all fit I will have to clear a couple of shelves in my home office and store them there for the time being. I can't work in a messy place, so I cleared out everything that wasn't useful, got rid of the teeny-weeny fabric scraps (that was hard!), but it doesn't look like I'll be covering buttons in the near future, so...
In the meantime I've steadily been consolidating the Dunibagz flat-bottom pouches with my sleepwear line. I will be selling off the remaining pouches at a 50% discount (excl. shipping) before closing my shop on my old selling venue. Here are a few items that are up for grabs:




International shipping for all items is USD 6.00. If you are interested in any of the above or would like to know what other items are on sale, simply email me at dunibagz (at) freenet (dot) de.

I have been approached by the creative heads behind design gipfel münster, a well-attended design and craft fair in my region. The next fair is taking place in November. I know this is a great opportunity as well as great exposure locally (except for friends and family nobody really knows about my sleepwear range here), but I would be facing the same dilemma as with completing bulk orders! As I mentioned before, it's not possible without outsourcing some of the work. Hm. I think I'll jot this one lower down on my "to do" list.

I have two orders lined up and I can't wait to get started! Wishing all my blog buddies and readers old and new a fabulous week ahead. How are you doing with your "to do's"?

Friday, April 15

Yay! I won something :)

I just came back from my quarterly blood test (ouch) to find this unique handcarved rubber stamp in my mailbox, which I won a couple of weeks ago on Kathrin's blog. She sells her items in her Etsy shop karamelo. All her stamps are mounted on wooden blocks made from untreated beechwood. Her motifs are either abstract or nature inspired - vines and leaves are most popular. They can be used for cards and scrapbooking or (when overlapping the motifs) to create unique wrapping paper. They can even be used to create funky designs on clothes with fabric paint!
Thanks Kathrin - can't wait to try it out!

Sunday, April 10

Cologne Trade Fair & Celebrity sighting ;-)

Hi guys!

Good news. I got back from the trade fair earlier than expected, because why stick around when I got my contracts signed and sealed within the day. Yeah *punch the air*!!! I was so glad I had dusted off my ten-year-old classically cut suit, because there were a lot of 'suits' around and I blended in seamlessly. Plus I wasn't feeling well on the day, so my 'suit of armor' helped me appear more professional. Oh, I managed to surreptitiously snap some photos too :)

Anyway, the company I had earmarked had the biggest booth by far, with a nice seating area, beautiful displays and even catering. I was extremely lucky that the agent assigned to me turned out to be a friendly, efficient lady not much older than me. We had an instant rapport and it was pretty much smooth sailing. The best news by far was that my complete order will be shipped to me next week. I can hardly believe it! I'm so excited! The nice agent told me that next season I won't need to go all the way to Cologne, she will come straight to my house where I can peruse the samples in the comfort (and quiet) of my home. Cool, huh?

After, I quietly pack up my stuff, thinking that maybe I'll grab a sandwich or something when just a couple of feet from where I was sitting I notice a tall, blond woman...Oh. my. God. It's Amy Butler. Now I know how my blog buddy Nancy felt, when she spotted Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps at her pool! In case you don't know who Amy is, well, she's like the queen of handmade. She's one of the top US fabric and lifestyle designers and hugely successful. So, I watch her for a while - she's very friendly in a business-like manner and an excellent sales person, I note - then because she's standing so close to me I decide to introduce myself. We shake hands...and then I momentarily forget how to speak English. How embarrassing. But then she asks me something and thankfully my brain kicks into gear quickly :)

And here I am with my nerdy glasses on and grinning like a loon. p.s. I told you she was tall ;-)

Bye for now!

Friday, April 8

Bright and fresh Laundry Bags!

I made these new laundry bags from the last bits of designer fabrics I had left. I was so happy that I had enough for two! The polkadots and floral prints are so bright and cheery and each has a contrasting drawstring. See them up close here and here.
I know it's unbelievable, but I haven't received any of the new fabrics I orderd from USA yet. I have a sinking feeling they might have been shipped by sea mail?! I'm trying not to despair by keeping myself busy preparing for tomorrow's trip to Cologne (trade fair). It's supposed to be huge with about 250 exhibitors from 25 nations. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to take pics in there, but I will bring along my camera anyway.
I have made a list with exhibitors I want to visit with the top three I must absolutely visit, and if I'm lucky I will receive a contract from at least one of them by the end of the day. Let's face it - in the long run, in order for my business to survive, I need to get my supplies and fabrics wholesale from a dealer over here.

Back on Monday!

I'm taking part in Little Andalucia's Creative Friday Features. Come join the party!


Monday, April 4

I could use a holiday...

Thanks Jessica for including my millefiori sleepmask in this dreamy treasury!

Friday, April 1


Our new couch has been given the stamp of approval by Sammy :)