Tuesday, September 30

Colour Theme Red

I have a collection of red fabrics that can be mixed and matched. These are perfect for crafting lovely 'christmassy' things. And Christmas isn't too far off... I'll definitely make some Christmas stockings as well as some tree ornaments (hearts, birds, gingerbread men), gift bags which are quickly and easily made and of course a few of my make up bags, which also make cute presents for friends and family. I'm just waiting for a lull to appear in my daily work schedule to get started - can't wait!

Monday, September 29

Cute Sleep Mask

I remember the days of sleep-overs and pyjama parties fondly...whole evenings spent trying on new eyeshadow, glittery nail polish, braiding each other's hair - simple activities which provided endless fun to an eleven year old.  Now, two decades later when I have an overseas friend staying overnight, instead of putting a bedtime sweet on their pillow, I surprise them with a sleep mask! This one's adapted from the book Sew Pretty by Tone Finnanger. It's a nice gesture and they can later use them on the plane too - definitely more stylish than the synthetic ones you get from the airline. Don't you agree?

Sunday, September 28


No matter how frugally I buy fabric - inevitably there will always be some of it left over. In fact, I have a large box full of scraps that are too small to make up into a purse, but too large to just throw away. And I so hate throwing fabric away. I'm sure every seamstress out there has one of these 'scrap boxes' at the bottom of their cupboard just waiting to be made up into something nice, if not useful. I finally got round to attacking mine on a rainy weekend...I made a small patchwork cushion and baby quilt from a bunch of scraps all in the same or similar shade of rose-pink. This will make a suitable newborn baby present. So who's the lucky baby?

Saturday, September 27


I made this bag a while ago and wrote about it on my other blog. Since this is my new creative blog I thought it appropriate to post it here. I just love this fabric! Happy weekend.

Friday, September 26

New fabric arrival!

I was desperately waiting for the delivery guy today. He finally showed up this afternoon. I wouldn't have been able to sew my new tote bag without the required fabric! The fabrics I have chosen are dark chocolate brown, white dots on turquoise and turquoise dots on white for the lining. These are high-quality decorator fabrics and I can't wait to see what the finished bag will look like. Have a nice weekend.

About me, sewing, bags and more

Currently, I'm working on a new bag design. It's going to be a large bag - useful for shopping, diaper bag, sewing bag etc. I am still working out the ideal size and whether or not to add studs at the bottom. I'm going to sew up a prototype this weekend and see how it works out. Why my fascination with bags? Actually, from a very early age I was fascinated by fabric. Other little girls played with dolls, I had this folder full of fabric samples! My love of fabric continued through my teens and twens and has even intensified now that I'm in my 30's. After leaving the city and years of working the fashion business, I moved into a house in the country with my husband and started working on different bag designs. I also intensified my sewing knowledge by taking lessons from a professional designer. My bags make perfect gifts for friends and family and I haven't met a woman yet who doesn't want a new bag! I specialize in make up bags and small purses but as I mentioned at the beginning of the post I will be making up a larger bag soon. I take great care in choosing high quality fabrics and years of working in fashion has sharpened my sense for colours and trends. Occasionally, I make custom orders like the green dots bag for my little niece. I am open to special colour and fabric requests. Above all, my bags are all made with dedication and love!

Tuesday, September 23

Red Roses purse

This purse is made from the 'rose garden' series from Westfalenstoffe, one of my favourite patterns. I have used the red/white combination and a funky red/white striped lining. I have also used heavy-duty interfacing to retain the shape of the purse. It measure about 20cm in width. All fabrics by Westfalenstoffe are 100% natural cotton, no synthetic resins or formaldehyde. Colours are non-toxic. This design or similar will be available in my online-shop soon. Just need to finalize, work out some kinks and set the whole thing up! Bear with me...

Monday, September 22

Little make up bag

This little make up bag is on its way to my dear friend Y. (she doesn't know it yet, so ssshh) It measures approx. 12 x 14 cm, made from cotton batik. It's fully lined and interfaced. The front pocket is useful for combs, files etc. Notice my trademark 'made with love' heart. Hope she likes it...

Sunday, September 21

Another purse I made

This purse is made up entirely of scraps of fabric plus a few assorted embellishments.

Drawstring Bag

This bag can be made in various sizes - a nice way to stash the odds and ends you accumulate in your bathroom. Hang them up in a row on pegs!

Saturday, September 20

This is my new blog!

I've finally decided to create another blog for all my creative endeavours. Some of you will have come across my other blog B*town Blues, where I used to post my creations....at this point I'd like to thank fellow bloggers who have left wonderful comments regarding my creations. Thank you so much. I'll try to update this blog as regularly as I can. Obviously I will need some time to design a new bag pattern and actually sew it...so please be patient. In the meantime, here are some things I made a while back. see 'how to' for this apple pin cushion here. One more thing. I'm in the process of setting up a DaWanda Shop, so some of my creations are for sale! Thanks for dropping by and come back soon.