Friday, March 11

Moda Fabrics Grace Collection


Hi everybody,
I hope you are doing well. It seems there is a heaviness in the air with all that's going on in the world right now, but I wanted to remind you that it is okay to take a break from the troubling news for your own sanity. 
Perhaps my post today will lift your spirit a little. 

I finally received ­čîŞ Grace ­čîŞ by Brenda Riddle for Moda fabrics. These pretty cottage style floral prints herald springtime and include a soft color palette of blush, duck egg blue, willow, sunbeam yellow paired with an airy linen white. They are like a breath of fresh air! The pastel colors lend themselves beautifully to Easter sewing crafts ­čÉú

Below I'd like to share some of the gorgeous items all handmade by the talented Alex of @die_ahlecks
who joined my sewing team recently. Check out these adorable notebook covers with matching bookmark. And aren't those hearts adorable? The basket is such a pretty storage idea and vase cover is a nice way to spruce up a simple vase.

Sweet fabric hearts are perfect gift idea

I love this quilted place mat!

Finally, a stunning set of patchwork pillow covers - the left one done with traditional patchwork squares, the right one done with a Dresden plate. I'm in awe of the Alex's craftsmanship. 

If you've read this far I hope you feel inspired to try your own springtime sewing - all of the above fabrics are available at my website Duni's Studio. They are premium quality cotton at 115 cm (44") wide and I sell them from 25 cm (10") upwards. Until next time, love

Friday, January 14

New Year, New fabrics


I know I've been missing in action for weeks on end, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to check in and wish my readers a happy and healthy New Year!
This year feels like a fresh beginning, especially after the last two months of 2021 were a bit of a struggle personally and professionally. Obviously we're still battling the pandemic and its consequences, such as shipping issues - partly the reason why I haven't received any of the new fabric collections (which I had announced in a previous post). As longtime readers might know, fabrics are the heart of my business. My entire market strategy revolves around fabrics, so while I understand the situation it's not any less disappointing.

Anyhow, back to new beginnings..,.
I have since made peace with the fact that my new fabrics, which were supposed to arrive in late summer will most probably arrive in springtime. Good thing they are floral! Ironically, I did receive a small shipment of summer fabrics in winter. Go figure ;-) 
So if, like me, you are craving a pop of colour and freshness, feast your eyes on "Summer Picnic", designed by Melissa Mortenson. Inspired by a breezy summer picnic, this line features red cherry and strawberry prints along with vintage style summery flowers. It's perfect for quilting, children's apparel and home decor.

I also wanted to share some beautiful items all lovingly handmade with these fabrics. I have linked up the Instagram accounts of all three crafty ladies - there's a bunch of handmade goodness you might want to check out.

Lella of @sediart_lella went all out on the picnic theme creating this amazing picnic blanket, a cute bunting plus adorable little bread baskets trimmed with pompoms. 

Corinna of @mietzomat made a beautifully quilted wash bag in coordinating cherry and gingham prints. There are handy compartments on the inside, and it is decorated with a perfectly matching cherry trim. This retro style bag will sure look pretty on the dresser! She is currently working on a big picnic bag as well as a quilt, which as you can see in the photo has been kitty-approved :)

Kathy of @waldhauskitz made two adorable containers with the red cherries and gingham, a set of beautiful pillows - stitched with "sweet dreams" and cute hearts and this amazing decorative balloon that would look perfect in children's rooms. I love the mix-and-match feel of the fabrics on the balloon and all the thoughtful details.

A big THANK YOU to all three crafty sewists for sharing their unique work and inspiring us all!

The entire collection is so bright and fresh and I certainly feel cheered up just looking at it. These fabrics are premium quilting cotton at 44" wide. I sell them from units of 10 inches. All subsequent units will be cut fresh from the bolt in one continuous piece. As always, if you have any questions regarding this fabric collection or shipping, simply drop me a line at my email info(at)

Attention US customers: if you prefer to shop on Etsy - there's a special deal waiting for you over there. (this does not apply to my own website). Contact me if you have any questions!

Closing this post with a photo of a gorgeous quilt designed by Melissa Mortenson.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading along. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead and stay safe!