Tuesday, November 30

Introducing: PeriDot by Duni

I'm finally able to show you the completed PJ ensemble I designed and made. To differentiate from my bags I created a new label for this new line in sleep wear. I came up with "PeriDot by Duni". Peridot is my birthstone and its light green colour is fresh and energizing, representing new ideas and a 'fresh start'. In Germany, green is the colour of hope.

On a personal matter I am making a fresh start by taking active measures to improve my immune system. I am fervently hoping to get my health back on track, so that I can implement all those ideas that are swirling around in my head! Much as I'd like to sew all day, every day - there are times when I feel so weak that even simple chores are too much. Thankfully, the good days outweigh the not-so-good! But let's not digress...

The fabrics I source for the sleep wear are all fine 100% cottons from USA (Dena Designs) or Germany (Hilco). I pre-wash them to prevent shrinkage in subsequent washes. They are also colour-fast. The cottons have a tight weave and are very light - perfect for sleep wear or lounging around the house.

The pajama bottoms in Darla Rose are straight-legged and hemmed with a contrasting fabric for a crisp finish. They can be worn with a simple white T-shirt for a casual weekend look. They have a comfy elasticated waistband.
The one on the left is a size S, with an outer leg length of approx. 98 cm (38.5 ") measured from a high hip (that is where your hip bone is). Now, since I'm XS, I pulled these pants up a bit just for demonstration purposes!
Below is the matching pajama top in size S (also slightly too big for me). The top has a low V-neck, a gathered bust and a flattering A-line shape that comes in useful for hiding that extra portion of Häagen-Dazs ice cream you had for dessert which somehow went straight to your hips ;-)
I wasn't entirely sure about the butterfly sleeves. What do you think? Would you rather have a top with straps instead? Or how about cap sleeves? Do let me know!
The top has no uncomfortable closures and simply slips on over your head. It is elasticated in the back to give it shape and to help with putting it on easily. This size S is a German size 34/36, a loose-fit US size 4 or a more snug fit for a US size 6. It falls over the hips. All inside seams on both pants and top are neatly serged.
Click on the photos to enlarge. I am offering Darla Rose and Dahlia Blue as a set in size S or M. These will be exclusively available in my Facebook eCommerce Shop. Or you can contact me here through my blog. The price for this set is Euro 72,-, (approx. USD 95,- plus shipping). The sets are limited, but I will be making a number of pajama bottoms in various patterns for Euro 39,- , (approx. USD 51,- plus shipping).

Now for the sizing:

Pajama bottoms - elastic waistband will provide some 'give'

S = German size 34/36 = approx. US size 4/6
M = German size 38/40 = approx. US size 8/10
L = German size 42/44 = approx. US size 12/14

back view - this is S, slightly too big for me

I will offer the pajama sets in sizes S and M only.  I won't be accepting made to measure, because for a perfect fit I would need to take your full body measurements and you would have to come all the way over here (or me to you) for subsequent fittings! And that is going to be one heck of an expensive pajama :-p
I have done my homework and checked what other sellers on Etsy and Dawanda are doing and most of them are offering S-M-L sizes, size M being the most popular. I am glad to note there are not that many that sell feminine sleep wear; it's more boxer shorts with cartoons on them or PJ's for kids.

Well, that wraps my "PeriDot by Duni" post. Looking forward to your feedback and comments and have a great day!


Sunday, November 28


The first layer of snow fell during the night. Usually I wake with the birds, but it was so silent this morning that I overslept. Currently it's a frosty -4°C (about 20°F). I was planning to visit our local Christmas Market later today to soak in a bit of Christmassy cheer. Okay, there are only a handful of huts, but I might as well make the most of what we've got here since I'm not sure if I'll  be able to visit the Xmas market in the big city this year.
Do you know what I really dislike about this season? All those layers of clothes and the amount of time it takes to put them on!

Thursday, November 25

PJ's in the making

Ever since I announced I was going to be making sleep wear, people have asked me tons of questions about them. Like, when are they finished? How much will they cost? How can they buy them? And what about sizing?
Okay, just so you know, I'm making them from scratch. I first needed to actually design the pyjama (pajama?) set that I had envisioned...I tweaked the design on the first set of pants I made, but now I'm totally satisfied with the shape, the drape and overall look of them. Plus, they are so comfy!
Next I sketched, drafted and made the top. It turned out as feminine and flirty as I had wanted, but the butterfly wings and elasticated back make it quite time-consuming to sew. I will show you the set I made as soon as the days brighten a little. (It is only 2:00 p.m. and I already had to turn on the light.)
The above photo shows the fabrics I have chosen for my PJ's. There are two colourways and patterns. A gorgeous pink/red rose print and an equally gorgeous blue floral/butterfly print. I will be offering these in sizes S-M-L. More about sizing and fitting in a later post.

Before I forget, I will choose the winner of my Facebook giveaway this evening and announce him/her on my Facebook Page. Not a fan yet? What are you waiting for! You still have a chance to win!

To all my friends, cherished customers and family members in the U.S.: Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21

Special Thanksgiving Giveaway, Snow and Sammy!

A week from today we are already celebrating the 1st Advent and I have just finished sorting the decorations that are to go on my wreath. Finn & Hannah, handcrafted dolls, were dusted off to make their annual appearance on a shelf and I'm almost done with my Christmas gifts - all of them handmade this year!

Meanwhile it is getting c-c-cold with snow predicted on Thursday. Speaking of Thursday, head on over to my Facebook Fan Page. There's a special Thanksgiving Prize to be won! Handmade by me of course! See the widget on the right side of my blog. You can win a cosmetic bag and sleep mask set. All you need to do is become a fan and 'like' my page. One winner will be chosen on Thursday 25th!

In other news I've had a bit of a scare when I couldn't find Sammy anywhere this morning. It all started harmlessly when I let him out on to the terrace as usual. The terrace is enclosed and there is no way Sammy could disappear from there. So after a while I called him back inside and usually he answers back (it sounds like 'kakakak'). It's hilarious! But on this occasion nothing. So I went outside...no Sammy. NO Sammy. NO SAMMY.
And then I remembered that we had pushed the outdoor chairs and table all to one side due to the recent storms and something told me he must have climbed up and over onto the other side (the big outdoors)...and wouldn't you know I spotted two shiny green eyes staring out at me from inside this big bush. With a lot of cajoling and promises of yummy treats I finally got him out from there and carried him back to safety! I don't know who was more scared - me or Sammy!
One thing is for sure - I'm going to keep a close eye on him whenever he's out there from now on!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Thursday, November 18

Travel Bag in Bermuda

Hi everybody and a big hello to my new followers :)

you might remember this bag in a pink/green colourway. After 'testing' this bag - yes, I always make sure the bags I create perform, that is they fulfill their purpose - and this travel bag/weekender with its whopping six pockets does the job perfectly! I was so pleased I made another one. I used the same designer fabric, a gorgeous cotton sateen (satin finish) in a pale blue/linden green colourway on a mellow toffee background. As usual the photo does not do justice to the colours on this bag.
As for pricing this bag...well, thinking about the amount of work that goes into making one of these, plus the fact that I use high-quality designer fabrics which I pre-wash and iron before cutting and the fact that it really is OOAK I feel justified charging what I do.
I was browsing the travel bag section on Dawanda to see what other handbag makers were charging and I came across a felted bag that was priced at Euro 1.500!!! The artist used white felt for her bag and it was lined with a cheap polyester. Not sure what it was doing in the travel bag section, but I feel quite comfortable with my price now :)
Did I mention that this bag has a removable bottom insert? Remove it and the bottom becomes roomier (is that a word?), therefore providing extra space for that last minute must-have souvenir...

Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, November 16

Holiday Decorations

When I got up this morning I was greeted by this eerie grey fog outside our window and I thought to myself: "nope, I am definitely NOT a winter person". Is it any wonder then, that my bag creations tend to be bright and colourful? I need colour in my life. Orange cheers me up and red makes me smile. So when the days get darker outside, our home gets more colourful inside! I tend to go for traditional colours in my holiday decorations; red, green, a bit of gold. These just work best with our interior, which is kept in neutrals. Decorations need not be elaborate and I make most of them myself. I will be making a Christmas wreath and a few other decorations in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back for pics - and you're welcome to copy!  

Sunday, November 14


As predicted the weather has gone from bad to worse. Last night's storm kept me awake most of the night and I just might go back to bed! Brrrr. I'm certainly not going outside today. Sammy seems to have the right idea...

What are your plans for today?

Tuesday, November 9

Travel Bag in Rainforest

Despite the unpleasant and chilly weather I ventured outside to take pics of the a travel bag/weekender. Well the weather man said it was going to get even worse in the next few days. Pity they didn't turn out that well, but I couldn't bear standing in the cold wind for much longer!
The entire bag is made from a home dec cotton with a satin finish. That means it has a tight weave and is soft to the touch. It has a spacious interior with three slip pockets plus a convenient zip pocket on the inside and two pockets on the outside. It is lined with this adorable pink polka dot cotton-linen fabric. Wish you could see it in person...the colours are luscious! For more details and photos visit my website! I'm going to make myself a nice cup of tea now...

Saturday, November 6

A sight to behold...

"No, Sammy. Don't even think about it."

Hope everyone's keeping cozy on this cold and rainy (well, over here it is) Saturday!

Wednesday, November 3

Introducing: Madison Avenue South Designs

I first 'met' my blog buddy Athena about a year ago through her blog. What first got me hooked was her amazing photography and witty prose. In the weeks and months that followed I learned more about her and discovered that not only does she create amazing mixed media artwork, she also fashions these wonderfully scurrile polymer clay art dolls, as well as make sweet dollhouse miniature cakes and on top of that she wrote and illustrated a book! I bought her book when it was first published and every so often I go back to it just to admire her detailed black-and-white drawings. Athena is, as I'm sure you'll agree, an amazingly multi-talented artist. I frequently asked myself how she manages to creat art, raise two lovely daughters, take care of her household and garden AND assist her husband with his business - creating websites, photography, logo & business card design, social media...hours and hours.

I was quite upset when I recently found out that Athena's husband ran off, leaving her high and dry plus having to look for a new place to live (after building a home for twenty years). As all of us independent artists and crafters know we either need the support of a spouse to carry on our business or we have a day job and become a 'weekend artist' only. Now that would be a real shame in Athena's case. However, instead of these unforeseen circumstances getting her down, Athena was obviously thinking on her feet, and with her wealth of experience building websites she has now set up her own company: Madison Avenue South Designs

Her new company specializes in web design and marketing, logo & business card design as well as social media utilization and optimization. She also helps bloggers-to-be set up and customize blogs. All at reasonable prices! What I'm saying is - should you or anyone you know require any of the above services PLEASE help out a fellow blogger who is currently going through what many of us (women) consider our worst nightmare.

You can get in touch with Athena at info@madisonavenuesouthdesigns.com