Tuesday, November 30

Introducing: PeriDot by Duni

I'm finally able to show you the completed PJ ensemble I designed and made. To differentiate from my bags I created a new label for this new line in sleep wear. I came up with "PeriDot by Duni". Peridot is my birthstone and its light green colour is fresh and energizing, representing new ideas and a 'fresh start'. In Germany, green is the colour of hope.

On a personal matter I am making a fresh start by taking active measures to improve my immune system. I am fervently hoping to get my health back on track, so that I can implement all those ideas that are swirling around in my head! Much as I'd like to sew all day, every day - there are times when I feel so weak that even simple chores are too much. Thankfully, the good days outweigh the not-so-good! But let's not digress...

The fabrics I source for the sleep wear are all fine 100% cottons from USA (Dena Designs) or Germany (Hilco). I pre-wash them to prevent shrinkage in subsequent washes. They are also colour-fast. The cottons have a tight weave and are very light - perfect for sleep wear or lounging around the house.

The pajama bottoms in Darla Rose are straight-legged and hemmed with a contrasting fabric for a crisp finish. They can be worn with a simple white T-shirt for a casual weekend look. They have a comfy elasticated waistband.
The one on the left is a size S, with an outer leg length of approx. 98 cm (38.5 ") measured from a high hip (that is where your hip bone is). Now, since I'm XS, I pulled these pants up a bit just for demonstration purposes!
Below is the matching pajama top in size S (also slightly too big for me). The top has a low V-neck, a gathered bust and a flattering A-line shape that comes in useful for hiding that extra portion of Häagen-Dazs ice cream you had for dessert which somehow went straight to your hips ;-)
I wasn't entirely sure about the butterfly sleeves. What do you think? Would you rather have a top with straps instead? Or how about cap sleeves? Do let me know!
The top has no uncomfortable closures and simply slips on over your head. It is elasticated in the back to give it shape and to help with putting it on easily. This size S is a German size 34/36, a loose-fit US size 4 or a more snug fit for a US size 6. It falls over the hips. All inside seams on both pants and top are neatly serged.
Click on the photos to enlarge. I am offering Darla Rose and Dahlia Blue as a set in size S or M. These will be exclusively available in my Facebook eCommerce Shop. Or you can contact me here through my blog. The price for this set is Euro 72,-, (approx. USD 95,- plus shipping). The sets are limited, but I will be making a number of pajama bottoms in various patterns for Euro 39,- , (approx. USD 51,- plus shipping).

Now for the sizing:

Pajama bottoms - elastic waistband will provide some 'give'

S = German size 34/36 = approx. US size 4/6
M = German size 38/40 = approx. US size 8/10
L = German size 42/44 = approx. US size 12/14

back view - this is S, slightly too big for me

I will offer the pajama sets in sizes S and M only.  I won't be accepting made to measure, because for a perfect fit I would need to take your full body measurements and you would have to come all the way over here (or me to you) for subsequent fittings! And that is going to be one heck of an expensive pajama :-p
I have done my homework and checked what other sellers on Etsy and Dawanda are doing and most of them are offering S-M-L sizes, size M being the most popular. I am glad to note there are not that many that sell feminine sleep wear; it's more boxer shorts with cartoons on them or PJ's for kids.

Well, that wraps my "PeriDot by Duni" post. Looking forward to your feedback and comments and have a great day!



  1. The pajammies look beautiful. I normally wear sweats to sleep in, but something floral and dainty would always be a nice change of pace. I like the butterfly sleeves, they go well with the print.

  2. Wow!! Duni.....
    On your blog in pajama
    we call it pyama ........ lols
    Great idea we are all pose in pajama on our blogs (It will be fun !!!!)
    Joke ;)

    So so beautiful Duni
    Its puurfect , I like it very much.
    I wear always a big shirt with snoopy or garfield ....... lols
    But this is sooooo ROMANTIC !!
    My compliments :))))

    Hugs for Sammy from Kareltje =^.^=
    ((hugs)) Anya

  3. The pajamas are beautiful! I like the sleeves on the top as is. :)

  4. Duni- they look really really good! I do like the butterfly sleeve, but maybe in the future you could offer a variety. And I love the label you designed for them too:) It's good you don't have much competition!

    Sorry to hear you're still having really bad days. I'm sure it's very frustrating, but you'll get through it- as long as you make sure to not push yourself!

    Enjoy the snow!

  5. Those pajamas are so beautiful Duni! I love the name of the line too. I wish a S would be too big for me! *sigh*

  6. Oh, Duni, I knew they would be beautiful and they are stunning! I love the choice of fabrics (I want that for a laundry bag!) and the sweetness of the design.
    My Mom was born in August so I think the name is perfect:)

  7. Duni they are perfect. I love the butterfly sleeves. The new label and the pj's are beautiful.

  8. You did a great job. The butterfly sleeve is fine. And Oh I love the PeriDot tag!

  9. WOW! You have designed the best looking pajamas I've ever seen! I like the sleeves too.

  10. OMG! Those rock! Wishing you the best with your new line :)

  11. I see you are still making those wonderful outfits. You are very talented. Where did you learn it? Whoever taught you knew what they were doing but if you have done this all on your own, then you are exceptionally talented. Either way, keep up the super work. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving another wonderful comment.

  12. I love how you picked the colors. They are perfect! I love everything about them :)) You are incredibly talented!

  13. I love these Duni!!! OMG...


  14. Absolutely Gorgeous - I could lie around the house in those all day. Beautiful.

  15. liebe dunja, danke für deinen kommentar bei mir! auch ich werde duni genannt...und wir teilen ja wirklich die gleichen leidenschaften...mir gefallen deine sachen und der blog so gut! sag`jetzt nicht, daß du auch von sternzeichen stier bist?! liebe grüße von deiner namensvetterin, dunja-duni-duns

  16. Thanks for the compliment about my work. I agree- I don't typically believe in discounting handmade items. This holiday season I decided to do it because I'm trying to move some inventory before our move. We'll see how it works out.

  17. Oh, Duni ... you've done it again. THese pajamas are beautiful. They're so feminine, I love them. Stay strong! Miracles and blessings!

  18. Beautiful! I'd have to lose some weight to get one, I'm a US 14/16 at the moment, but they're gorgeous!

  19. Simply stunning Duni!
    Love the brand name PeriDot! very clever. And the soft green of the Peridot stone is so beautiful. It suites you well.
    Hope you are feeling better. I don't know what has happened to you, but if it is a persistent infection, you need time and rest and good nutrition to regain your strength. When I was about 20 I got glandular fever (mononucleosis) and it knocked all the energy out of me for several years after that. So I hope you get help and understanding from those closest to you.
    Best wishes & hugs,
    Purrs from Sara Cat to Sammy!

  20. Gorgeous! That's all I can say about them... and your whole blog for that matter :)

    Thanks for entering my GIVEAWAY! :)

  21. Lovely Duni!! And yes, must be careful of our health and not over do (I say this as I'm nursing a bad cold!). There are just so many wonderful things to do every day and not enough energy to do them all - don't you agree! :)
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment - I've always wanted to experience St. Nicholas Day in Germany... it seems so special! Hope it is a great one for you! I'll be thinking of you and your family!

  22. Absolutely beautiful work Duni! Your work is so pretty and elegantly made!

  23. Those are so adorable!! What a great xmas gift for all the women in our lives... like my mom, she'd love these! ;-)

  24. Hallo aus New York! Ich bin aus Deutschland aber wohne seit Jahren in den USA, erst 10 Jahre L.A., jetzt NY.

    I love those pajamas! They are so flattering and colorful. I love the sleeves!

    BTW, I'm also a Leo. Roar! :)

    Dagmar's momsense

  25. Hi Duni,
    These pj's are beautiful and very feminine!What a beautiful fabric--really brings to mind summer and roses in these wintry days we're having! Good luck with your sales!

  26. Oh My Gosh, Duni.. beautiful!! I would wear that in a heartbeat. I love the sleeves.. they look like they have such a nice feel to them too. I am really excited for you on your new pajama venture.. and I love the name, might I add.. You are such an artist!

  27. Duni -
    Simply gorgeous!!!! I want me some :)

  28. OMG!! You created a lovely set! I am literally oohing and aahing over here! You look darling in your PJ set.

    Glad to hear you are taking steps to get better.

    Deanna :D

  29. This article only goes to show that sleepwear, pjs, and designer lingerie are outfits which should not be taken for granted. These pretty items are created so that we could look our best even if it is time to sleep.

  30. Those 'jammies' are so cute! I like the butterfly sleeves with that print and style, though straps and cap-sleeves sound good as well, perhaps with other fabrics?

    I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling bad. Hopefully, that fixes itself sooner than later and you'll be back to normal soon. Till then, definitely take it easy!


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