Sunday, April 17

Getting organized

Hi there!

I just got back from visiting a dear friend in the big city - a mini spring break so to speak - before tackling my ever expanding "to do" list.

Re: Fabric.
A couple of readers asked me whether I'd still be dealing with the customs office now that I placed a fabric order through a local agent. The short answer is: No. I'm incredibly relieved about this. However, those parcels that I ordered two months ago from overseas are still circling the globe and I won't rest until I've got my hands on them or my money back. 
I've cleared out the linen closet (now stored in baskets) to make way for the fabric bolts, which are due to arrive this week. It will be a tight fit for sure. If they don't all fit I will have to clear a couple of shelves in my home office and store them there for the time being. I can't work in a messy place, so I cleared out everything that wasn't useful, got rid of the teeny-weeny fabric scraps (that was hard!), but it doesn't look like I'll be covering buttons in the near future, so...
In the meantime I've steadily been consolidating the Dunibagz flat-bottom pouches with my sleepwear line. I will be selling off the remaining pouches at a 50% discount (excl. shipping) before closing my shop on my old selling venue. Here are a few items that are up for grabs:




International shipping for all items is USD 6.00. If you are interested in any of the above or would like to know what other items are on sale, simply email me at dunibagz (at) freenet (dot) de.

I have been approached by the creative heads behind design gipfel münster, a well-attended design and craft fair in my region. The next fair is taking place in November. I know this is a great opportunity as well as great exposure locally (except for friends and family nobody really knows about my sleepwear range here), but I would be facing the same dilemma as with completing bulk orders! As I mentioned before, it's not possible without outsourcing some of the work. Hm. I think I'll jot this one lower down on my "to do" list.

I have two orders lined up and I can't wait to get started! Wishing all my blog buddies and readers old and new a fabulous week ahead. How are you doing with your "to do's"?


  1. beautiful fabrics for these cute pouches. Thanks for the ebt visit. Have a creative week!

  2. I hope you find out about those lost packages...

    I emailed you about the strawberry pouch--so cute!

    And I am always working on a list. I hope to have a download for my newsletter subscribers that will be fun to look at when dealing with those lists!

  3. these are adorable, being a paper crafter I also luv fabric...I think it is the patterns and textures...have a super day!

    enjoy *~*

  4. that must be so frustrating waiting on those parcels. That is an unbelievable amount of time to wait

  5. On my to do list is to contact you about those bags and also the heart! I hope your fabric shows up soon. That's exciting about the design and craft fair in November too!

  6. I wish you all successss that you need, you deserve the best Duni !!!

    Hugs from us all :-)

  7. Hello Duni! I'm sorry to hear about the orders you haven't received. I hope things would be soon arranged.

    I love the third pouch. It has a touch of my favorite color, blue!

    I wish you the best on your new opportunity. Joining trade fairs opens up a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs. In my work, we let our business students join trade fairs. And based from experience some of my students receive business proposals.

    I wish you a great week and of course more business opportunities!

  8. What cute little bags! I love the bottom one!! And I've found a couple on your Etsy site that I adore... decisions....decisions!

    Congrats on the design and craft fair invitation!!

  9. I wish you a great week too, Duni!! How do you have time for it all?
    That fair sounds like another great opportunity! I am so Happy for you!!

  10. You've got a lot going on over there! Sounds like you've got good plans in place for organizing, now you just need the fabric to get here!!! Good luck with all of the orders!

  11. I hope everything works out with the fabric. I can be very impatient about things like that!

    My to do list just keeps growing. I cross off one thing and add 2 more!

  12. So happy for you that you got to visit your friend. Can't wait to see the new fabric. You have great taste :)


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