Thursday, November 20

Lights! Please!

On DaWanda there's this monthly colour theme going on...the chosen colour for November is grey. How fitting. Not only has the weather been grey for days, so are people's moods and faces! (not to mention the two strands of hair at each side of my temple) Since there's not enough daylight (maybe a window of one hour between 11:30 - 12:30) I really have a hard time taking nice images of my bags. This upsets me somewhat, because I want to convey the colours as they actually are - not dark and tinged with grey. And it's not only me. Go to DaWanda's frontpage and look at some of the images. TOO DARK. Nobody's going to glance at pics like these twice. I do adjust my images with the help of photoshop, but they tend to look slightly unnatural and it's not always easy getting that fake sunlight just the right shade of yellow. I have a few bags lined up ready to be listed in my shop. I'm just waiting for some sunlight already! It's frustrating, it really is. I really envy people in the States living on the west coast. How lovely to wake up to blue skies each morning. Send some sunshine over here, would you?

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