Saturday, November 22

Send a little joy to the less fortunate children...

As every year, the weeks running up to Christmas are always stressful, as most parents run around in a frenzied panic buying food for Christmas dinner and gifts for the family, especially the children. Please pause for a moment and think about what you could do for the less fortunate kids who have little joy in their lives. Here in Germany (and also in Switzerland and Austria) there is a so called 'shoebox' campaign. Participants donate gifts (stuffed animals, toys, drawing equipment, skipping ropes etc.) and pack them up in a shoebox, which is then wrapped up nicely and tied with a bow. The shoeboxes are collected in various cities and then sent on to the organizer who distributes the gifts to countries, such as Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Kasachstan, Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia, Mongolia and others. The organizers of the respective countries ensure that these shoeboxes do indeed reach the (mostly orphaned) children. Over 470.000 shoeboxes were delivered to less fortunate kids all over the world last Christmas. What an amazing success! Although subsidized by the Christian Mission, the gifts are distributed to children regardless of their religious, social or cultural background. Instead of sending Christmas cards this year or eating a humongous Christmas meal, I will donate to the Mission and other charities, if it helps to make one or more children smile and feel a little joy in their lives this Christmas.


  1. What a wonderful idea, the shoeboxes. We do not have many orphanages, here in the USA anymore. Most children go to foster care. However we still have children who go without, especially this year with the economy so bad. There are several places that collect for the needy. In years past, I always made sure we gave something, each for a boy and girl. This year, we have been fortunate to be able to give more. I went last night and bought a whole bunch of toys, that will be donated on Monday.

  2. Melissa -
    that's great! It's good to know that there are still people like you who care...

    thanks for stopping by.



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