Monday, November 10

Trends and the weather

Whenever I'm invited to a party where most people don't yet know me I make sure to take one of my bags and a couple of business cards too. Yesterday was such an occasion. As is typical of this region we've been having horrendous weather lately: wet, cold and windy. I noticed almost everyone was dressed in drab black or brown, bright pink tote bag really stood out! As expected a couple women came up to me to admire my bag and inquire where I bought it (hehehe). When I told them I made it there were quite a few (pleasantly) surprised faces. I handed out business cards immediately - do this before everyone hits the drinks bar. I also use this opportunity to gauge the colour trend. This information is useful to me when selecting fabric. It seems women still prefer bright pinks! I guess if you live in a part of the world where it's raining 70% of the time, it's nice to possess a bag in bright colours.

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