Saturday, November 15

Something to cheer me up ☺

I know I shouldn't be sitting here at my computer, not in my condition anyway...and I can already hear my mum's voice in my ear telling me I'm being very silly indeed. Not to mention my hubby, who firmly believes the best place for me to be is under three layers of blankets! But I just had to share these fabulous fabrics with you (the box arrived yesterday). And as you well know, and I'm free to admit: I'm a fabric junkie! I'm also addicted to blogging. Anyway, take a look at these gorgeous blues and greens and tell me you're not immediately despatched to a tropical island somewhere...
In fact they remind me fondly of the one and a half years I spent in Indonesia. Some of the real batiks I saw there looked uncannily like the fabric #1 It's very difficult to get real batik these days. It's too costly, and the art of batiking (not sure if this is spelled right) is dwindling rapidly. Nowadays there's lots of the polyester variety. Luckily I do have real batik in my stash of fabric from when I stayed in Indonesia and I'm glad I've kept it all these years. Okay. That's all for today. I'd better make a dive for the covers now, before hubby gets upset!


  1. I love fabrics also, I try to be careful, but oh, such a temptation. Your work is lovely ....

  2. Thank you for your nice compliment. I know, it's so difficult to resist nice fabrics...

  3. The fabrics are beautiful. I hope you're feeling better!

  4. Preston - thank you! I better, but not really 100% yet. Sigh...

    thanks for dropping by!


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