Friday, March 19

Zipper pouches are fun

In between doing 'real' work, sewing bags for my website and spring cleaning (urrgh) I rather enjoy making little zipper pouches. It's like recreation for me! Not only are they fun to make, they're versatile too: for make up, hair accessories, odds and ends - or in my case I frequently use them as a mini-purse (cash, mobile phone, keys) when zipping round to the corner shop to buy fresh rolls for breakfast. This one's made up of two different prints. Both are small-scale and muted so they work well together. I made a yoyo from some left-over scraps and sewed it on with a 'variegated' button.


  1. I absolutely love it Duni, as always, you are just so great at what you do,I love them all! I hope you and your family are all doing well too. I am going to have a to have another surgery but other then that I am doing fine. You know I am a new grandma again, well he's 3 months now but that is still new to me, lol! I sure miss you. I get on here and do my blog and then I am off again, i can't sit for too long, but I am hanging in there. Guess what? My oldest grand baby starts school this year, I'm so sad, she is growing up way too fast for me, lol! She can't wait of course, but you know how that goes, after they have been in school for a few years it's like aw man not again, lol!


    God bless,

  2. how adorable. I love the prints that you used it just looks so clean and fresh (the only words I could think to describe what I thought when I saw it) I really love the added touch of the yo-yo, too cute.

  3. You are so great with your crafts Duni. Anything you get your hands on always turns out beautifully. =)

  4. That is so cute! Then again I like all of your creations. I think you should be on Project Runway - you would win, but have to deal with Heidi hehe ;)

  5. Oh, it's so pretty. I love the yo-yo, too. :)

  6. Hi! I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog. Palawan, Philippines :)

  7. It is really cute!

    I think that you always choose very nice fabrics, ideal for their use.

    And I like a lot the Yo-Yo-like flower!

  8. Wow!!
    Its puurfect Duni !!
    looks very sweet and lovely :-)

    ((hugs)) for Sammy
    from us :))))

  9. Duni -
    That is just too cute! Love the yo-yo and obviously the button :)

    I don't care much for making zipper pouches...or anything with a zipper for that matter. The zippers give me headaches!

  10. Such a pretty little bag! I love the fabrics you chose and I learned what a fabric yoyo is today!

  11. Hi Duni,

    I love how you have combined both fabrics together. Their color schemes and patterns are so different yet form a perfect pair. You have a great gift for this art. :-)

    Il Mare Atelier's Blog

  12. That is so great looking. And it would be a great thing to have like you said for short trips. You are very talented.
    And thanks for visiting our blog too.

  13. Love your little zippered pouch. I just started making little pouches for my jewelry that I sell and purses for me and have found it quite fun. Just a little diversion from my beading adventures.

  14. So cute and they are great to carry your lipstick as well.


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