Thursday, March 25

Cute Kitty Necklace

The package from my blog buddy Sharla @ Beaded Tail that I've been waiting for arrived yesterday! Yay! I couldn't wait to open it.

Look at this cute packaging and adorable card
-Sammy thought there was a snack inside for him ;-)

...instead, this gorgeous kitty necklace pour moi

I really love Beaded Tail's Etsy shop for animal (and jewelry) lovers and couldn't resist buying this unique necklace. I adore it! Beaded Tail donates the proceeds to animal charities. Isn't that great? Makes wearing the necklace that much more special :)

There was a surprise in the package from Sammy's furiends Angel & Isabella too!
Here's Sammy inspecting the little ladybug and bean-thingy...

"love, love, love" !!!
Sammy says: Thank you, Angel and Isabella for being so thoughtful. I love my new cat toys!

Wishing everyone a great day,


  1. Sharla does know how to send an adorable little package and her jewelry is fantastic. Sammy looks like he loves his ladybug

  2. Oh Sammy Sammy... your coat is so shiny.. those lovely ladybugs must have been lotta fun :D

  3. That's a really cute kitty necklace! And I love Sammy's photo with the red bean and ladybug :)

  4. the necklace, Duni! And how cool the luvies got a prize! looks like they are enjoying them :)

  5. Awwww wow. what a cute necklace. And Sammy is so well-mannered. What a good kitty sammy is. =)

  6. I love how Sharla packages her jewelry; it makes it even more special for some reason. And Sammy sure is a cutie:)

  7. Thank you for this lovely post Duni! I'm so glad you like your necklace and Angel and Isabella love seeing adorable Sammy with the ladybug and jelly bean! They have ladybugs and jelly beans all over the house so hope he loves them as much as they do!

  8. That kitty necklace is adorable!

  9. My human and I love visiting the Beaded Tail blog - Sharla makes cute jewelry and Angel and Isabella certainly know about fine cat toys! (I think Sammy will second my comment!)

  10. Wow!!
    i love it also its so LOVELY :-)
    Nice that Sammy received a gift
    soooooooooooo sweet
    from Angel & Isabella :))))))
    And Sharla hahahahahaha......

    Have a nice day Duni
    (It raining here cats & dogs :(
    We had a few nice sunny days...
    I'm waiting for more
    I need new energy from the sun ;)

    ((hugs)) Kareltje & Anya

  11. Sammy is so fat!!! I love it--must be a huge joy to cuddle the tubby tabby! My rabbit--the only one alive now--likes to exercise. I mean it! So she's not as chubby as my other wabbits. I keep giving her food but she only eats enough then she goes and does her laps around the house. Crazy girl!


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