Monday, March 29

Spring Flowers

The recent rain/hailstorms wrecked havoc in our garden, destroying all the pretty purple and white crocuses that I had wanted to take pictures of. I just managed to capture these two pretties before they were flattened...

Also, I thought it was pretty amusing to read the comments on my moss-covered fence (previous post). I didn't realize that most of you didn't mind and some of you actually love it! One commenter wrote it added character-- I like that :)

Thanks for visiting today, and I hope your week is filled with sunshine and happiness!


  1. Ahhhh.. spring is here :) and hopefully good light for you to capture your creations. Lovely flowers!

  2. Its here the same Duni
    All flowers are wet
    But I have make pictures before the rain has coming ...... LOL
    I hope spring will coming at your place :-)
    I'm waiting !!!!!!

    Hugs Kareltje & Anya

  3. Always good to see Spring coming, and looks like your flowers are ready to shine this season! :) Enjoy the great season Duni!

  4. Lovely, lovely flowers!

  5. so nice to see spring flowers. too bad the hail had to go and ruin them.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your flowers, Duni. ours aren't even up yet, so enjoy what you have....or should I say what you have left :)

  7. Such pretty Spring flowers! It's been raining so hard here I keep thinking our flowers are going to wash away!

  8. There's something magical about Spring! Beautiful flowers, love 'em :D

  9. Beautiful. I have been busy planting flowers, herbs and vegetables. Although the flowers were not part of the original plan I could not resist the urge to add color after such a cold winter.
    Now if only I can figure out what to do with the crisp-brown lawn.

  10. yikes...hail storms?

  11. lots of sunshine here in manila! too hot actually but better than hail! too bad about your garden =( i hope your house is okay! i've seen hailstorms on tv and they look very frightening indeed!

  12. Awesome pictures of your lovely spring flowers. Sad to know that they got ruined by hailstorms, but happy to see that you've immortalized them into these awesome photos.



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