Monday, March 22

Retro Heart Handbag

It is proving exceedingly difficult to take photos of bigger bags! As we've had rainstorm after rainstorm there was no opportunity for me to take them outdoors. Here are my best efforts.

I've been wanting to use this yummy 70's inspired heart fabric for ages, but after sketching a few designs I wasn't really satisfied with 'the look'. I knew I wanted to combine it with a solid colour and that the bag needed to have a 'non-fussy' shape in order for the hearts to stand out. I finally came up with this design. It measures about 10 inches at the top, gently tapering to 14 inches at the bottom with a comfortable 3 inch width.
The heart panel is actually a large pocket that closes with a hidden magnetic snap button. I used this fabric for the handle as well. There's an interior zip pocket and two large pockets in the lining too. The handbag closes with a magnetic snap button. I used the rest of the heart fabric to make a matching frame purse, which I think is cute.
Here it is hanging off a door knob. I took this shot solely to show the tapering shape of the bag.

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Have a good week! 


  1. I love it Duni. You sure know how to work some magic with the fabric to make beautiful accessories.

  2. I like the shape of this bag. And I agree with Ann--you did a wonderful job weaving your magic to get the hearts to look stylish!

  3. Hi Duni,
    You've definitely captured the retro 70s style with this bag. I love how you designed it. It definitely looks pretty roomy.

    Is this bag going to be for sale?

    It's absolutely beautiful.


  4. Love the heart design
    its '70 look
    (my teenager years...LOL)
    Longggggg ago :(

    Hugs to Sammy & Duni
    Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Oh I love that bag! I love anything with hearts and that bag is so classy and stylish with just the right touch of hearts! Beautiful Duni!

  6. Awesome bag, how you designed it to look two-toned. Very 70's retro!

  7. Photos as well as the bag turned out great. Good job, I love the heart fabric as well.

  8. The shape of the bag is excellent! I'm really digging the hearts!

  9. I love the slim tapered shape of this bag. This style is very figure flattering to carry.

  10. Very creative. I really like this style.

  11. awesome design this bag u can wear with anything


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