Friday, March 26

Messenger bag for men

Well, actually it's unisex. I designed this bag for my men's line as mentioned in a previous post. It's made from soft-touch canvas in dark grey with black trims and is fully lined. Measuring about 14 x 12 inches it is spacious without appearing too bulky. A4 size notebooks fit in easily with lots of room to spare. There's a large interior compartment as well as a couple of pen-holders - also handy as a 'hook' for sunglasses. The front panel has a stylish zip pocket and there's an exterior pocket on one of the side panels for keeping a mobile phone, packet of tissues etc. The strap is adjustable. I was aiming for simple yet functional and stylish - what do you think?
p.s. Thanks to hubby for taking time out to model this bag :) And please ignore the moss-covered fence. See, that's what happens when in rains non-stop. Definitely need to scrub that down asap!


  1. What a great looking bag! Perfect for a laptop, file folders, etc. Like the style and color.....thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. He had a GOOD model ........... LOL
    I'm now serious ;)

    Great bag for men Duni !!
    I think laptop can in it
    (very important :))

    Have a nice weekend
    (Its raining here cats & dogs :(
    I think als on your place..

    Hugs to Sammy from Kareltje =^.^=

  3. I think it looks great.

  4. This is a great bag, Duni! I think this is a style my hubby would use for work; I like the zip in the front flap as well.

    I hope the site is coming along nicely.

  5. Great bag!!!
    Great blog...
    Love your work..
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...
    Stop over when time allows,
    love to have you over too.

  6. Your work is just incredible and I love the clean lines! The bag is certainly stylish and your husband did a great job modeling it!

    As for the moss, everything here is covered with it since we get rain all the time too so I didn't even notice!

  7. that's exactly the kind of bag I keep looking for and can't find. It's perfect for ME. How much is it? How can I buy it?

  8. Thank you so much for your comment for our beloved Coco. It means and helps so much - really!

  9. Duni, this bag is superb - looks good and very functional too!

    Would it have the strength to carry a laptop, do you think? Perhaps you could consider adding a detachable interior cushion for a laptop.

    Il Mare Atelier's Blog

  10. Fabulous bag! Moss on the fence? Wow, what I wouldn't give to see green like that around here in our semi-arid area!

  11. Great bag, Duni!

    And if a man is carrying it in the US and he gets picked on for having a purse, he can say "Oh, it's a laptop bag, man!" Nice streamlined design!

    BTW...what's wrong with moss....I LOVE moss!!! I actually get some from the yard, mix it in the blender with beer and spread it on my pots so moss grows on them!

    Say Hi to hubby for me...what a great sport!

  12. Your work is amazing ... Great looking bag for men. And hey ... cute model!

  13. Oh dear, I never knew you were not in the USA - I would expect between the cost of the bag, the exchange rate and the shipping, I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the bag would be far to expensive. That is so disappointing. I can be reached at:

  14. Dear Duni,
    Great bag! Nice neutral colour. It would work for books, papers or a laptop. (Il Mare Atelier's suggestion of a design with extra protective padding for a computer maybe something to think about.)

    Your husband models your bag well.
    Moss just adds a little character to the scene!
    Best wishes,
    Hugs to Sammy too.

  15. Very nice bag! (and model and mossy it all!!)

  16. This is a stylish, classy, and professional looking bag, Duni. Streamlined, yet has lots of room for a laptop and other stuff is a great selling point for it.

    Your husband is a good sport for modeling your bag. If it weren't for the price of postage, I'm sure you'd be selling more of your products around the globe.

    Have a great Sunday,

  17. I really like messenger bags. You can fit everything in them and they are very stylish for both men and women. Your hubby has a new career modeling :D

  18. I never would have noticed your fence, lol! That is just like us women, pointing out a "flaw" to someone even though they probably don't even see it! The messenger bag is amazing.. My Goodness, Duni, you and your talent. I am such a fan. :)

  19. Very nice! We need more men's items in handmade land. And not hokey ones, ones that men will actually like! This is perfect:)

  20. That's a nice utilitarian bag---definitely a man (or a no-nonsense woman!) will appreciate. oh, and your hubby looks good =D

  21. are so very expert with the bags. This is simple but elegant, again another Duni great work!


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