Saturday, March 6

Sammy update and Graphic Design Exhibition

To all who left a comment on my last post: Thank you for your concern, advice and well-wishes!
I took Sammy to the vet after all, since he never vomited before and strangely he doesn't vomit any hairballs either. I also make sure he doesn't chew any plants. Besides, we only keep those which are safe for cats. The vet checked him through and thank goodness there is nothing wrong with his stomach. It seems Sammy is just BORED with his special diet that he's been on for the five years we've had him. I guess if I ate potatoes morning, noon and night I'd be bored too ;-) Problem is, he's on this special dry food diet because of a previous problem with uroliths. So he must stay on this diet. The vet suggested I give him some cooked chicken every other day or so and see how it goes. Sammy started eating again -  not with his usual appetite - but still. I'm still monitoring him all day, but it looks like he's OKAY. I know that non-cat owners reading this probably think I'm overdoing it, but I just can't bear for anything to be wrong with my Sammy.

In other news: The one event I can't wait for every year is the Graphic Design and Art Exhibition taking place this weekend - A collaboration between German and Dutch Designers and Artists. I went there with a Dutch friend this afternoon and the artwork of one artist really caught my eye. Her name is Christina Sauer and she has been working professionally since 1999. You can view some of her work on her website -- unfortunately the piece that I was immediately drawn to isn't on it and I wasn't allowed to take photos. It was an abstract xylography in shades of green and would fit perfectly on the one bare wall in my home office...too bad my birthday is such a loooong way off ;-)
The good thing is she lives only about two hour's drive away and she's invited me to visit her studio! I will definitely take her up on this offer in the near future. I'm always curious about artist's workspaces and seeing their work in progress. Speaking of 'work in progress', my website is coming together nicely, but I'm still waiting for some brighter days to be able to take some decent photos.

wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sammy certainly looks all fine in that picture! ;) Good to hear it was him turning on his food and nothing more serious, but as we're switching over to another food with our cats (and they don't like it very much), I feel your pain. Good luck! :) And have a great time at Christina's studio!

  2. So glad that Sammy is okay and eating again! That's great news! He's certainly adorable in that photo!

    The exhibition sounds wonderful and how fun that you get to visit Christina's studio too!

  3. Glad to hear that Sammy is getting better!

  4. So glad Sammy's OK! I guess boredom is about the best think you can get diagnosed with haha. Did he get wet food before and now is resentful? Hopefuly the chicken will keep things mixed up a bit for him.

  5. I'm glad to hear he's okay.

  6. I'm glad to hear that Sammy is alright. I was really worried about him too. I hope he gets his appetite back, I want Sammy to be chubby and cuddly

  7. I don't blame Sammy for getting bored with his food; you would think the pet food manufacturer would make at least a couple flavors of the special food, or that a different manufacturer would make the same type of special food, only with a different recipe.

    Being a cat person (to put it mildly), I totally understand your concern! I think the non-cat people are the strange ones. ;-)

  8. It's very good to read, that Sammy is fine. I can understand that you where worried about Sammy. I was house- and cat-sitter for a month and I was much more worried about Jimmy than about anything else.

  9. It is good to hear that Sammy isn't sick. She is the most beautiful cat.

  10. Cats and dogs are just like really little kids. You'll always feel bad for them because they can't tell you exactly what's bothering them.

    I'm glad Sammy is doing better.


  11. Praying for your little Sammy :)

  12. I hope little Sammy is okay now ;)
    Kareltje want always different food
    but I had told you that before !!
    Kareltje =^.^=

  13. Glad to hear Sammy's all ok now Duni :) i become a worry wart too when my doggies are not well.

    it must have been a good and interestion exhibition... its been a while since i last went for a graphic exhibition... can't wait to see your new site!

    come sunshine.. go to Duni!

  14. I'm so glad Sammy is OK - he's lucky to have such a caring momma!

    I really appreciate your concern for Coco - it means a lot!

  15. so sorry to hear about Sammy. I didn't know he was unwell... err... I mean bored with his diet :) I guess it's his way of saying "I want to eat something else other than potatoes"... hehe. I'm glad he's OK though.

    I love arts and exhibitions but I've been so busy to even attend one that was nearby... sighhh...


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