Monday, September 28

Yikes ! drastic change of weather!

The typhoon signal #1 was hoisted this morning, and it's still raining quite heavily, so we're pretty much hotel- bound at the moment. What a drastic change from yesterday! We had a strange encounter yesterday... my husband and I were taking a leisurely stroll along the waterfront back to our hotel when all of a sudden this monk turns up out of nowhere (we were the only people there) and blocked our way, grabbed my wrist and thrust this card into my hand. Talk about over-stepping boundaries! While I was protesting feebly he then launched into what I can only describe as his 'sales pitch' in his local dialect, every other sentence ending with 'peace'. Now I'm all for peace - but not with a price tag attached! While we were planning our route of escape he pulled out this booklet and blocked our way again. I don't mind donating money to a good cause, but not if it involves a number with a long row of zeros in the back! Our particular monk actually expected us to part with thousands right then and there. Sorry, but as it so happens my family is befriended with a 'real' monk, and I know that monks would never force anyone to pay such large amounts of money. He was really, really persistent. We finally managed to move past him, and yes, for the sake of 'peace' we gave him a small donation, but I couldn't shake the feeling that somehow we had been thoroughly duped. I still have the card, as a gentle reminder to be more alert while walking along unfamiliar and often deserted paths. So, while we are more or less stuck indoors we have no choice but to sample all the local delicacies on offer here. Yum :) Wishing for clear skies tomorrow...


  1. Hi Duni
    I will send you SUN if I can't :)
    Have a lovely (rainy) day ... LOL
    You can read a book or going relax
    Do nothing is also fun ;)
    hugs from us

  2. "thoroughly accosted" comes to mind. Just awful.

    In the meantime, enjoy the delicacies, and I hope the rain lets up very soon for you!

  3. Hey sweetie. You are vacationing in Asia now right? The weather has been crazy these past few days. If you haven't heard, there was a flood in the Philippines that left a lot of people homeless and others dead. =( I hope all is going well on your vacation. Have you tried the floating restaurants? The food is amazing so I've heard. =)

  4. What a scary encounter with the so-called Monk. Glad everything turned out alright though and hope the typhoon blows over soon (no pun intended)! At least you can still relax in the hotel and enjoy the delacacies! Take care Duni!

  5. Sorry to hear about the poopy weather! But vacation is vacation...I'm sure you'll find something fun to do! That doesn't sound like a real monk to me either. I'm sorry you all were attacked like that! Geez.

  6. Thst has happened to my hubby and I before. Since we are poor we just say no and walk past. One time the guy actually grabed and opened my bag to see if he could get some money. The secuity from the parking lot was driving past and stoped him before my husband even had time to react. The guy was sent to jail. What a losser huh. At least you were about to go past without any issues. :)

  7. Hmmm. Thank goodness you were not by yourself. I cannot help but to agree with you that if he were a true man of the cloth he would not behave in such a manner!

    Have fun the rest of your trip.

    And thank you for your kind comments on my blog.:)

  8. Wow...nothing like using brute behaviour to try to get some money! Hope your vacation looks better!

  9. It sounds like we have a global "cooling". We have early sign of winter here in Michigan. We have successive thypoon in the Philippines. :(

  10. I would be upset. I believe in helping others, but I don't want anyone to pressure me into doing. I like to be anonymous.

  11. Too bad about the weather but the sampling sounds like fun.
    The incident with the monk would have totally freaked me out.

  12. Hi Duni! I'm sorry you had to experience that monk like that! I hope you are all faring well today and enjoying your time!

  13. That encounter had to be a real eye opener for you and your husband. It is a crying shame that you can't even take a quiet stroll w/o having to be confronted by such individuals as this supposed monk. Good that both of you escaped w/o harm.

    Friends 4 Life!


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