Thursday, September 17


The official Oktoberfest in Munich is opening this weekend. No doubt the ladies down in Bavaria are all busy dusting off their Dirndl dresses! These don't come cheap, by the way. Expect to pay at least 200 US$ plus traditional jewelry, ankle boots and matching purse. In case you don't know what a Dirndl actually is, here are two examples (the short version). The dresses come in calf-length and ankle-length too. And for the sake of equality, here's what the guys are (or should be) wearing ☺
Eons ago I was invited (forced) down to the Fest by my company to participate in some fun and games (mandatory team-bonding exercise) with my colleagues. During the course of that prolonged weekend I learned how to drink beer properly - don't hold the handle: push your hand through the handle and grab the jug with your palm - received a handful of drunken marriage proposals, and was almost schunkelt* to death! * linking arms and swaying to and fro to traditional brass-band music Cheers!


  1. is that the way they get by with smaller mugs for women? lol The models... all of them... very attractive!

  2. Yippieeeee.....
    Party time :)
    Do you dress like that ;)
    Have fun Duni :)))))
    hugs to Sammy
    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Octoberfest seems like a whole lotta fun! Drinking and linking hands while swaying to the moozik is just wonderful.

    the green dress on the left is beautiful! Have fun Duni.. on the Octoberfest... if you are on the way there :D

  4. Have fun for the Octoberfest.
    Glad to know you will join Etsy soon. Please let me once you are there, so I can visit and heart your shop :)

  5. Funny. I have actually started seeing that style of dress in a few children's boutiques. Hmm. Wonder if the designers are from Germany....

    Don't you just love those team building exercises:)

  6. oh very interesting, sounds very festive. cheers to this year's octoberfest. =)

  7. Just sending hugs your way.

    God bless,

  8. Wow. I hate (mandatory) work bonding events! Thats not such a bad one though in terms of how those things can go...

  9. Sounds good to me!! I love the dresses and sounds like you learnt well on the beer drinking, lol.

  10. The dresses are great! They are much "sexier" than what I've seen in local Oktoberfest celebrations! Very interesting about the beer drinking too.

  11. I love the dirndls! As children my sister and I wore them :)

  12. The dresses look like a lot of fun, but I wouldn't be happy about wearing the guys outfit. Unless one of the girls in the pictures asked me nicely.......

  13. Is there anything worse than being schunkelted to death? I don't think so...


  14. I was dropping in to catch up on your posts and found the Olde-Style dresses...I bet Oktoberfest in Germany would be amazing!

    Ye Olde local Ren Faire is going on right now near me and I'm really missing working those costumes!

    Hope you have an awesome vacation!

  15. I think the girl outfits are much cuter than the boy outfit!

  16. I'm so jealous! I wish I was there to partake! My brother is there on business for the month and he keeps sending me gorgeous photos...probably to tease me! Too funny, though, he sent me a photo of a scene I am working in oils right now. In the US, we only get those cheezy americanized Oktoberfests, so you are so lucky!

  17. Tee hee, this is kinda kinky =P


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