Friday, September 25

Ahhh...this is the life!

Hi everybody! After our gruelling flight (thank you, Erika, for advising me to keep my shoes on) and battling jet-lag for two days, hubby and I are finally beginning to relax... It's a glorious 30°C with a mild breeze. Perfect. Nessa wrote I should be getting a nice tan! I'm trying, I really am, but I burn easily, so I've got to slap on the SPF50! Yes, I hear you, Frances :) Today we decided to take a break from the sun and enjoy a traditional afternoon tea. The pastries and scones were soooo delicious, but even though they were dainty we couldn't finish off the tray. We were so stuffed! I tried the white tea, which I have never tasted before. It was superb: mild and fragant. Oh yes - we could get used to this :) This weekend we have some sight-seeing planned, and well... more relaxing! See you next week!


  1. Sounds great, and the tea looks wonderful! Have fun sight-seeing, and definitely relax. :)

  2. How lovely it sounds. I enjoy trying new foods when we vacation so I have a bit of envy--scones!

    Have fun and maybe wear a hat to protect your face.

  3. Wow!Finally you can go for your vacation yay! I'm so happy to know you can relax and have so much fun. I hope you could meet a dolphin there too :)

  4. How marvelous, Duni! Where are you???

    Oh, I need to go see the ocean, too. I'm allergic to the sun but I'd like to get away, too.

    Have fun! Make love! =D

    (Oh, my word verification is "onsand." How approps!)

  5. oh that does look delicious in so many ways~ enjoy your holiday! ♥

  6. Cute post!!! I want some tea & pastries :-)

  7. THATS live Duni :)
    I need also a vacation
    next mouth i go
    Kareltje goes to the CatHotel
    he loves it there he can play with other cats :)
    Where is Sammy now ???
    I wish you a GREAT vacation
    be careful with the sun ;)
    hugs from us !!!!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! You appear to be very relaxed! :-D

  9. I'm so glad you are having fun on your vacation! It sounds wonderful! Enjoy the sun, scones, sight-seeing and the white tea!

  10. awww yey! I'm sooo glad to see you having fun. You really deserve it you know. I've never heard of white tea before. I'll try to ask around. I'm curious and would love to try it. xoxo =)

  11. My eyes are drawn to the pastries and cakes! LOL! Lucky you :D

    Thanks for the linky love :D

  12. You must be having so much fun! Neat to see what you look like for real besides your little avatar! Hey, have some sugary goodness for me!

  13. Enjoy! Looks so relaxing:)

  14. Ahhh, vacation, nothing like it.


  15. Tea and scones in a nice relaxing setting...that's the stuff! I agree about the white's great and goes well with other flavors (raspberry white tea is awesome!)

    Glad to hear your vacation is wonderful and you guys are enjoying yourselves!

  16. Sounds gorgeous!! Enjoy all that sun...but no, don't burn, keep on with the cream.


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