Monday, September 7

Dawanda feature and technical stuff

I have been on Dawanda, my online selling site, for almost a year now. No complaints, so far. Recently though, there have been a number of technical problems - power outages, templates not working, statistics not updating etc. Even worse, I finally figured out why my new items are getting so little views - it's because they aren't even showing up in the new listings! I've done a search by title - but nothing, nada, zilch. Annoying, since I'm paying listing fees. What I find even more annoying is that I haven't had any reply to my emails. I wish there was some sort of technical helpline or other customer service I could contact (because yes, I'm a customer too), but there is only this one email address, and I really wonder who handles them all. The Dawanda team is fairly small, and I get the feeling they only have one poor techie guy handling everything... The only bright spot appeasing my frazzled mind is the fact that my cupcake pencil case was included in their recent back to school feature. But until my problem is fixed I won't be adding any new items, unfortunately.


  1. oh i do hope this glitch is fixed straightaway for you!

  2. I am happy your problem is fixed :)
    Internet is not always okay :(

  3. I hope the problems are fixed soon. You should definitely be showing up in searches! :(

  4. Wow, that's really annoying. It seems that every selling venue has some (or lots) of issues without much response back. Sigh. Such is the handmade life I guess. I hope it gets worked out for you soon!!

  5. Hope everything is fixed soon. I'm sure that's very frustrating. Maybe you can sell on Etsy too. :D

  6. I am happy to know that you have online selling site. I can then browse through your products. But... I am sad that you have some problem right now, I hope it will be resolve very soon.

  7. That stinks! For a second I thought you were talking about EC...bahahaha

    I meant to tell you, I love your Green Trees make up bag. Don't know where I was about telling you, tho. Duni, I've lost my mind. (I know, I know - tell you something new, right??)

    I hope all is well - and boo to Dawanda...get it together, will ya? xx

  8. Isn't that frustrating! I hope it gets resolved quickly and that the team responds. I have found that how a company responds to questions/concerns can be an indicator of their priority for customer satisfaction...


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