Sunday, September 20

Bye Bye for now...

We're all packed and ready to go! I can almost smell the ocean...just a 2 hour train ride and a 12 hour flight and we're there. It's been ages since I last swam in the ocean, and I must admit I had a hard time finding my bathing suit! I finally found it crumpled up in the back corner of one of my drawers. The hubs will need to buy a new pair of swimming trunks over there, because no way am I going to allow him to wear his old pair from the 80's! Haha. As a compromise he gets to take along his he won't be cut off from the outside world entirely! Plus I get to keep up with your blogs every now and then too - don't want to miss the action :) The difference is I'll be reading up on your blogs lying on a sun-drenched beach slurping a cocktail. bye bye, take care everyone...


  1. Wow!!
    12 our flight soooooo far away ;)
    Its nothing for me so far flying,
    we are going in october to Barcelona its only 2 our flying its for me far hahahaha.....
    Suzanne my daughter is now in Cuba its 11 our flying pfffffff......
    Its sounds for me scary,
    i am happy when she is back, its so far away ;(
    I wish you a WONDERFUL vacation Duni, enjoy you need it and you deserve it :)))))
    We will missing you ....

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  2. I'm envious... wish I could go for a vacation right now. But we have a long holiday, coinciding with the Moslems Raya/Aidilfitri festival so it's sorta like a break too :)

    Enjoy your vacation! Come back with a lovely tan... hehe

  3. Wow! You are on vacation Duni.
    I love to be by the seaside too.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

    It's my pleasure to know you.
    Same as Nessa, we have holidays in Malaysia, I just came back from visitation to my relatives & friends.
    Will go again tomorrow.

  4. Im jealous. Only got to go to the beach once this summer and now it is already over. Already thinking about my next vacation. Have fun!

  5. Have a very wonderful time!

  6. Oh, have FUN!!! I don't envy the plane ride--I could not stand the eight hour flight to Hawaii; do not take your shoes off!!!

    Make sure to take a lot of photos.


  7. I agree with everyone! we want a vacation too!

  8. Have a great vacation Duni :) and soak up the sun... urmm.. leave the laptop at home.. hahhahahahaa

  9. Enjoy, wear sunscreen and take lots of photos!

  10. Hope you have a wonderful vacation Duni! Enjoy!

  11. Enjoy your vacation. :)

  12. Oooooh, so jealous! i love the ocean! Enjoy yourself and do nothing but lay around on that beach!

  13. That flight is l..o..n..g!! Where have you gone Duni?
    Have a great time and enjoy the swimming.

  14. How wonderful for you. Hope you have a great time

  15. wow! I love vacations :) Don't forget to take pictures...a lot of them :)


  16. I am so jealous! Have fun for me, okay? I know you'll have a great time.

  17. I'm jealous, I want to be on a sun drenched beach. Could you at least slurp a cocktail for me while you're there? Have a wonderful trip.

  18. Enjoy your vacation Duni!!
    I am envious, but I want you to splash and play in the ocean, like there's no tomorrow!!

    Take care,

  19. awesome, enjoy your vacation! :)

  20. Hi Duni!!!!
    Sorry for not visiting you for almost a month.... Gee!!! That's too long!

    I was very busy for the last couple of weeks of the month of August. And I was isolated for a couple of week this September because of I have Chickenpox.

    Anyway, hope you'll enjoy your vacation and someday visit beaches here in Philippines...

  21. sounds fun! have a good time! {:-D

  22. wow!!! that's awesome, Duni!:D I'm soo happy for you both! have a safe trip and enjoy ur holidays! we'll be thinking of you:D))

  23. Have fun! Be safe! Don't forget the sunblock!!! =)


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