Friday, October 2

Fireworks and other stuff!

Last night there was a harbour fireworks display. It went on for about half an hour, but due to intense fog we weren't able to see the last ten minutes. I captured some of it with my digital camera, although I wasn't sure it would work, due to impaired visibility. You can see the beginning for yourself in the above mini-video! Meanwhile I'm saddened by all the disasters happening in quick succession in this region. Normally, back in Germany, we would hear only a few snippets on the main news, but since we are currently in Asia I feel quite affected and a bit helpless by all that's been happening. The rain has eased now, but more has been forecast for the weekend, by which time we'll be packing up and ready to depart for back home. My deepest sympathies go out to the families of all the victims and the thousands of people made homeless by the recent typhoons and earthquakes. Here we donated to the Ketsana/Ondoy cause, which we were happy to do (not forced - see previous post). According to the latest weather report there is another typhoon on the way...


  1. Hi Duni
    i am also thinking on all victims;(
    I have just received a email from a blogfriend from Indonesia,
    she is okay but she is very sad :(
    I hope you have not many turbulentie (I think its not good written hihihi...)
    when you are flying home !!!!
    I hope you have your last days DRY weather !!!!
    Greetings and hugs from us :))))

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

    (The video from firework is great !!)

    And Sammy would be so HAPPY if you are home =^.^=

  2. It's really sad all the chaos that is in the region your are in. Those poor people who have lost everything. It makes me think how lucky I am.
    Have a safe trip home and enjoy the end of the holiday.

  3. I hope you get back safely.
    Lovely firework, thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey sweetie! Great fireworks. I'm glad to see you enjoyed your trip to Asia. And thanks so much for donating to the Ondoy victims. It really means a lot. May God bless you and your family always. take care sweetie. =)

    P.S. my word verification is graci... =)

  5. Duni, so glad to hear that you are safe. Take care and return home safely.

  6. oh i really like watching fireworks they are just amusing..thanks for sharing...

  7. The devastation happening has been so horrible and I pray for everyone effected. I didn't know where you were so have been concerned about you. Glad to hear you are safe and wish you continued safe travels home.

  8. Oh, Duni! You and your hubby are so generous. Thank you for helping out my fellow Filipinos. Please keep us in your prayers and do have a safe flight home! Better leave for calmer places--must escape the typhoon festival here! God bless you =D

  9. lovely fireworks!

    A few days ago you asked what you have to do to enter the giveaway. The answer is nothing! Just by following you're entered.

  10. Thank you for your kind comments. My Mom and hubby will take care of me. I just wish they did not have to worry so much.
    Good thing--when they remove this nasty thing it is supposed to like a miracle recovery and I ought to feel much better!!

  11. The weather seems to be getting the best of us all. It looks devastating, what I've seen on the news.

    The mini-video worked fine... and if that was the beginning, the end must have been extraordinary.

  12. Hi Duni,
    I've been away from blogging for quite sometime and not been able to visit my favourite blogs, including yours. It seems that I've a lot to catch up here :-).
    My deepest sympathies to all victims, and pray for recovery and strength of those whose lives have been torn apart during the earthquake tragedy in Sumatra, tsunami in Samoa & typhoon in the Philippines & Vietnam.
    Have a nice day Duni

  13. Oh, I heard about all the trouble in Asia, so many hardships all over the region. I hope that this typhoon on the way is less severe.

  14. Let us know when you get home safely. Worried about you.


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