Wednesday, October 21

Stay in or go out...

...that is the question. ♥♥♥ Quick Reminder
You have five more days to enter my tote bag giveaway. Don't miss! The response so far is great, and your comments are too kind! Some of you have a great sense of humor, and it's so thoughtful of the male entrants to think of their wives! This is the kind of interaction that makes this giveaway so much more fun :) Oh, and just to clarify: I will be shipping to anywhere in the world - but please understand I do not have any control over what happens once it arrives in your country. There shouldn't be a problem, normally. So, what are you waiting for? Leave a comment on my giveaway post and you're in! It's that simple. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator and announced on Monday, 26th October. Have a nice day!


  1. oh what a charming cat :)

  2. What's the weather like over there? We've been having glorious fall weather, and my cats are spending most of the days outside.

  3. With all of our rain it looks like we will be staying in.

  4. Wonder what Sammy decided? We'll stay inside and look outside!

    Angel & Isabella

  5. Stay in Kitty, it's much safer there! Such a pretty cat.

  6. ever indecisive cats:)

  7. I'm super excited to own one of your creation. Hope I'll win... hehehe......

  8. Better stay indoor kitty... there's a monster outside! Muahahaha *Halloween is around the corner*

    Praying silently for mr. random generator to pick me!!

  9. That is the cutest cat! What did she decide to do? I love your giveaway purse!

  10. lol...that's really a funny decision....

  11. stay in! don't go might get!

    oh my how exciting! love your creations....the color combos are awesome!

    btw, thanks for coming by and for leaving a comment...have a great weekend ahead!

  12. O noooooooooooo Sammy
    don't walk away :(
    I send you love and hugs
    Kareltje =^.^=

    Duni THANKS for your get well wishes :)))))
    I have missing al your posts !!!!
    Have a relaxing weekend :)
    I go looking by your give away

  13. I will be telling my husband now to enter give away from me :)

  14. I already entered in your tote giveaways Duni, hope I will win hehehehe. Your tote bag was so pretty that gave me the guts to enter the giveaways. grin


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