Monday, October 26

The tote bag goes to...

Thank you all for participating in my giveaway. It was so much fun! As I mentioned yesterday I decided to hand pick the winning entry myself :) I allocated a number to each of your comments in consecutive order (1 through 71), printed them, cut them out, and folded them up. I put all the numbers in my pink polka-dot box. Now, find out who the lucky winner is...
Yay! Congratulations!
I will be contacting the winner by email shortly! And to everyone else - there's always a next time :)


  1. Oh Duni, I love the way you talk. The way you pronounce your vowels is so adorable. I squeak. It's embarrassing!

    Congratulations, Mary Ann!

  2. Congratulations to Mary Ann!

  3. Hi Duni,
    Today must be my lucky. My first time to visit back and I got to hear your voice. You sound well, which I'm very glad for. Hope everything is okay with your health now.

    As usual, I admire all your lovely creations. I hope that you've seen one of my posts on Tasha's Take blog, nominating your blog for one of the "Ten Influential Bloggers for 2009."

    I still don't blog too much, except for once in a while. I'm glad I visited your site today.

    Congratulations to Marianne.


  4. Congratulations Maryann. I love the way you did your drawing, very creative and original.

  5. Hi Duni..
    Congratulation to Mary Ann. I love the way you did the announcement...
    Have a nice day

  6. Congratulations!

    Duni, hope you had a great weekend:)

  7. Lucky MaryAnn...

  8. I think my paper was the one which got stuck at the box side momentarily... darn it! :D

    Congrats to #30!

  9. I'm wondering if it's really me. All the comments above congratulated Mary Ann..... and my name is Marianne..... LOL.....

    I had a very poor video streaming here, that's why I cannot view the video so well. But since you left a comment on my blog saying I won your lovely tote bag... then thank you very much..

    I'm honestly exuberating with happiness.

    Oohhh!!! Thanks a lot Duni. I will treasure it.

  10. Congrats to number #30.

    Have a Nice Day Duni, thanks for the visit.

  11. I love the way you pick your winners by video - it makes it much more exciting!!

    Congratulations to Marianne!


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