Thursday, October 8

Bumpy ride - but safe landing!

Hey everyone! I'm home again! I have missed you guys and look forward to getting back to my usual blogging routine. The flight back was awful. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared getting on that plane - particularly since the flight was delayed due to a technical defect. Thank you, airline staff, for being so brutally honest ;-) Typically we landed at Frankfurt Int'l Airport in the middle of a rain storm. There was massive security over there too, due to recent terrorist bomb threats. The Federal border police were even lined up right outside the plane when we got off, checking each and every one of us, but I was horrified to see that Asian passengers in particular were singled out! My apolgies to our Asian guests on behalf of the rather grumpy officers. When we collected our baggage hubby and I experienced 'a moment' while passing through the immigration. There were about five burly officers standing there watching us in complete silence. It was so intimidating. I don't know why, but I felt like I had to arrange my facial expression to neutral, you know! I mean I've got nothing to hide, so why was I feeling guilty?! I was even holding my breath while I shuffled past. It was so strange. I had to swallow the urge to say something, like 'good morning' or 'hi'. I didn't even dare look at my husband, because I knew exactly what he was thinking and I didn't want to burst out laughing! Those were the longest two minutes... Sammy greeted us from the top of the stairs then dropped straight into my arms! He must have been pretty bored, because every table cloth, blanket and kitchen cloth was lying in a heap on the floor! Hahaha. Did I get a tan? No. And not because of the fickle weather. It's because I later remembered that my skin has become more susceptible, due to the medication I'm currently taking. Oh well. Despite the freakish weather we had a lovely time! I really enjoyed eating out and not having to wash up afterwards. I'll tell you some more in upcoming posts. Till then,


  1. omg, was THAT the wrong time to :-) Glad you had fun girl!

    I was taking a break from the bloggin scene, needed that so much....


  2. Glad to see you back! Sorry about your hellish flight and the uncomfortable customs moments, but I do hope you had a great time on vacation! :)

  3. So glad to hear from you! I was about to send out a bulletin to Asia:)

    Sorry about the rough flight and is so sad that rather angry people in the world have made traveling a chore.

    Take care!

  4. welcome back sweetie. I was never afraid of plane rides but lately with the bad weather and all I'm very hesitant to jump on a plane. So it's home sweet home now huh Duni? I'm sure Sammy missed mommy Duni. =) Make sure to post pictures from your trip. Oh and how was the food? did you try anything ummmm exotic?

  5. Welcome home!! *throws confetti* :D

  6. I am happy you are home
    that flight was no success :(
    I am scary for next week throught your story we are going oct 17 th.
    Suzanne is also back home from CUBA
    she had also a SCARY fly with MANY turbulenti her tee was flying away in that plane ;( .....

    I think Sammy is soooooo happy you are home =^.^=

  7. Welcome back!!! :) Nice picture :)

  8. Welcome back. It is sad that we all have to be under such scrutiny.

  9. Welcome home Duni! Sorry about the rough flight and intimidating officers - it's horrible what terrorism is doing to our world. I'm sure Sammy is thrilled to have you back home!

  10. welcome back! i'm glad you're safe! ;)

  11. sounds like an ordeal, but I'm glad you're home, safe and sound. Can't wait to see pictures! {:-D

  12. Oh my... and Asia is so very far away from Europe. I'd hate to be stuck in a plane for 15 or so excruciating hours! And then to arrive to that!

    I know what you mean about the feeling guilty part. Whenever an office memo about employee misconduct is emailed to all, I always get, "Oh, darn, what did I do now?" even if I didn't do anything! I also feel like that at security checkpoints. Why is that?!

    Meanwhile, that is a cute doll =)

  13. Glad that both of you are safe.


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