Tuesday, August 3

Website update and late summer blues...

It's August. The heatwave is over; replaced by heavy rains...good for the trees, though.
I have been working on my website as steadily as I can manage. Since it is in both English and German, it's double the work. I finally figured out how to add more photos per product, and what a headache that was! This isn't explained in the help section very clearly, so for those of you working with VirtueMart - first, add your main photo. Save. Then go back into the product list and click on the small picture icon next to the product you just saved. Click new. Upload another photo. Save. And that is all there is to it!

Round about this time of year I seem to get melancholy for no reason. My birthday is coming up this month and it's a number where the cake couldn't be big enough to fit all the candles! Maybe that has something to do with the strange mood I'm currently in ;-)

Meanwhile, stores are clearing the clothes off the shelves to make way for the Autumn/Winter 2010/11 season. Incredible. On Dawanda there is a back-to-school feature including two of my pencil cases. The cupcake one it my personal favourite and I will be promoting this and other pencil cases on facebook, but I' m pretty sure the cupcake one will sell before school starts :)  

Also, I will be meeting up with a good friend of mine this week, who just happens to be a great photographer. I was deliberating over whether I should add a photo of myself on my website and then decided I would. After all, people do like seeing the person behind the product. Until then - I REALLY need to snap out of this blue mood!!!

take care,


  1. People do love interaction on websites..especially a virtual mart. They love the idea that there's a real person behind all that :) Or mebbe that just my thoughts.

    August is lovely month to have a birthday :) You are only as old as you feel. oh.. i have something which i want to send to you. Hope you can drop me your address in my mail :) Cheer up ya!

  2. Poor Duni - never fret...the crazy selling season is coming up! I usually get a little melancholy right about now because summer is almost over and the kids will be going back to school soon. I simply dread the school year. I know when they go back I will get so much more work done, but I miss them :(

    Can't wait to see your website! I have been trying to work on a new one myself...never fun, are they?!

  3. Aw, I'm sorry you're feeling down- you're such a sweet, talented person. Congrats on the features, and I hope your website's done soon so you can get rid of that particular headache. :)

  4. Come visit me and you'll be ready for that cooler weather I promise you LOL! You look so young and beautiful. Be happy :)

  5. Come on over to Oregon - our weather has been great! Erika can come up from Texas too and we'll just have a grand ol' time!

    As for birthdays, I have a feeling there will be way more candles on my cake this month than yours! But, I don't feel that old so that's the important thing - isn't it? Hope so!

    Hugs to Sammy and Angel thanks you for the birthday wishes today!

  6. Don't you just love Sharla's sweetness:) I think we would really enjoy Oregon. Texas is so HOT right now and it drives me nuts that retailers are putting out SWEATERS and wool pants when it is still over 100 degrees!

    I think it is normal to have a melancholy period. We all need to relax and just let it all out--have a good cry--I really believe it cleanses the soul. And then sew:)

    I do look forward to your website.


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