Wednesday, August 11

So much to do, so little time!

I haven't been online much these last couple of days as my BFF was here for a whirlwind visit and we had so much catching up to do. Oh, how time flies when you're having fun!

In between I developed a new pattern for this gorgeous Vintage 70s fabric I had found a while ago. I'm always hesitant when it comes to cutting original Vintage fabrics, but I think I'm ready to cut it any day now...I'm sure my fellow seamstresses out there will attest to this issue!
Note the handmade pincushion made from scraps and a fabric yoyo and button. Cute and functional!

I also discovered this cool tutorial on how to make your own dressform according to your actual measurements using only an old T-shirt and some duct tape on BurdaStyle. It's in German, but you can follow the how-to's very easily by clicking through the photos. Trust me, it is very easy to make. With the help of a good friend you'll have your finished dressform at the end of the day!

Sometime last week I made a fabric belt using a stripy satin and D-rings. Looks good with light-weight pants. The belt is adjustable and fits sizes S to M. I might make another one for sizes M to L. I didn't get a chance to make photos, because it's been grey and rainy for days.

Bloggers using Blogger - did you notice the new spam detection function? Finally!!! For months now I have been getting weird, ridiculous and annoying spam comments. One guy was using my blog as his personal promotion page. Not to mention all those Chinese, Japanese and Korean spam comments where the only word I understood was 'Viagra'. Reject, Reject, REJECT!!! So, thanks Blogger for this new and necessary function!

Oh, and I hope the skies clear this evening, because tonight a meteor swarm is supposed to be visible and I don't want to miss the opportunity to wish upon a shooting star ;-)


  1. Hi Duni! Can't wait to see the finish product of the vintage fabric. I'm sure it's another beautiful product.

    I will also check the tutorial on how to make your own dressform.

    About the annoying korean/japanese/chinese comments, I also received almost everyday a comment like that. That's why I set the "always" bullet at comment moderation for me to review first the comments before publishing it. Everytime I saw this chinese/japanese/korean comments I automatically delete it.

  2. hey! I check the tutorial and it's really easy to follow. Thanks for sharing Duni.

  3. Love the fabric and I can relate to being hesitant to cut into it. I'm like that with certain things I buy for a craft project. I'm always afraid to get started because I don't want to mess it up and waste the materials :)

  4. That's a really cool fabric! Love the pincushion, too. :)

  5. Glad you've had a nice visit with your BFF!

    I hadn't noticed the new spam detection. Hmmm. I'll have to check it out!

  6. I will agree with the fabric cutting dilemma. Shoot, I'm like that with new fabric that was probably a little more than I should have spent!

    I haven't seen the spam detection thingie...but then, I haven't really been on much the last few days!

    We are leaving for the ocean on Saturday - oh, Duni...I simply can't wait! Great to hear you had so much fun with your bff!

  7. I finally used fabric today that I have had for a year! And it not even vintage. I think I get stuck in that rut of thinking, "what if I come up with a better idea or what if I mess up,etc". I look forward to seeing what you make.

    And I am so ready for your website! I hope it is moving along.

  8. No, I have not noticed that function.. although.. you know me, I am here one week, then gone the next.. so, I don't usually keep updated on all of that! Maybe I will start to become more consistent! :)

    Glad your friend was down, yes, time does fly when you are having fun!

  9. I'm convinced duct tape can create and fix just about anything.

  10. That is gorgeous fabric. I know how you feel- some materials you acquire are just too beautiful and you're afraid to compromise their integrity with your intentions. Oye- being an artist is hard!! I too love the spam button. When I got back from my 4 month blogging reprieve I had like 8 million of those Chinese/ Korean spam things to delete. BUT, now it's nice to just eliminate the problem:)

  11. I'm so glad you had time with your BFF They are very lucky to have you as a friend especially a BFF!


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