Tuesday, August 17

A year older...and wiser? Hm.

I woke up very early this morning - not because it's my birthday - but because it rained so heavily and the downpour was incredibly loud on our roof tiles! Despite the cold and wet weather my day started off cheery with two sales. Yay! Dawanda, my selling venue, sent me this little birthday ditty that I thought was kinda cute:

We hope you have a wonderful day,
With plenty of time to laugh and play.
In the year to come, we hope you'll stop by,
Our little site, to sell or to buy
Items as unique and lovely as you
Specially handcrafted, made with love too!
I decided to take the afternoon off (the privilege of the self-employed), and I wouldn't have gotten any decent work done anyway, because the phone was ringing non-stop today :)
I received a bunch of birthday cards from friends near and far - I love cards - and so many birthday wishes on Facebook and via email, it's overwhelming. That really made my day extra special. A BIG THANKS to you all - you know who you are!
To answer the question in the title of this post. Well, I always set out to learn as much as possible every day, and with my soon-to-be-online website and all, I do believe I have acquired some specialized knowledge in the past year of which I am quite proud :)
I'll close this post with a pic of me, right before my mad dash to the local bakery to pick up my cake. I was dripping wet when I came back. The cake survived.

More on that custom-made ring I'm wearing in a future post!



  1. So glad you are enjoying your birthday and taking some time off! am very much looking forward to your website and hearing about that gorgeous ring. Enjoy your cake! ps love your outfit and you look stunning:)

  2. Duni you look fabulous and not a day over 21. Happy Birthday to you, I hope it's everything you wished for and more.

  3. Happy Birthday Duni! Beautiful photo of you! Enjoy your cake and your day!

  4. Happy birthday Duni! You are so beautiful :)

  5. Happy Birthday Duni! Purple looks nice on you :) Hope you have had a great celebration.. njoy the cake!

  6. happy birthday Duni!!! wishing you success in your life

  7. I hope that your birthday is blessed with happiness and joy! :D

  8. Hello Duni, I just visit your blog, really like your articles. Since your site is about bag, I'd like to know if you want to exchange link (blogroll) with my site jaycheel.com.
    Thank you.

  9. Sounds like a happy happy day, Duni...wishes for a blessed, healthy and happy year ahead~


  10. Happy birthday!! I hope it was a wonderful one:)

  11. You share a birthday with my niece, who just turned 16. You don't look much older!

    Happy Birthday!...hope it was a great one!

  12. I hope your cake was delicious!! You are such a pretty lady, Duni!! I wish you many, many, many more happy, happy birthdays!!


  13. Belated happy birthday. You look great in this picture!

  14. Happy Birthday, Duni! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!


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