Saturday, August 14

Day trip

The historic city of Münster - commonly known as 'bike city' - is always worth a visit, if only for the famous bakery (more about that below). Riding a bike is the preferred method of transport here; even the tourists hire them to get around! Indeed, there are double as many bikes as residents, and on any given day there are more than 100.000 bikes 'in action'.

Old part of the city with its cobble stone roads and impressive cathedral in back

Aristocratic estate in the city center...imagine living here :)

old fashioned café 

having lunch at an outdoor restaurant, sporting new hairstyle; VitaMalz is a popular malt beer

and this is what we brought back home with us: a big bag full of scrumptious bread from Bäckerei Pohlmeyer
we got delicious dried prune bread, crunchy nut-and-seed bread and soft and doughy tomato ciabatta. Yum!!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. The new hair style looks fabulous.
    Muenster looks so beautiful. I was just reading about it on another blog the other day. I don't know if I would like riding my bike everywhere I went, but if it was flat roads (no hills) and short distances it wouldn't be so bad.

  2. Oh, my gosh- is prune bread actually *good*?? VitaMalz sounds like it's beer with vitamins- imagine how many more people would drink it if it did! ;)

    What a lovely city. Wish I was there...

  3. This is a beautiful place Duni :) I would definitely have a field day there snapping happily away.

    I'll make it a to-do place to visit one day. Love your new hair style!

  4. You look beautiful Duni! What a fabulous city to visit - I just love the architecture! That tomato ciabatta bread sounds delcious!

  5. Nice new do, looks great on you. Love the city pictures.
    Traveling Suitcase

  6. Yum...and what a great little trip! I love local day trips like that. I am envious of Europeans mostly for that reason;)

    Thanks for your warm wishes on my blog. We'll be moving down to Georgia this fall. It'll be quite a change for me as I'm more of a yankee, but I think change is due.

  7. Looking very glamorous Duni! Oh I would love to have some of that of the best things about Europe is the fact that there are still so many great bakeries. There is nothing like freshly baked bread or fresh pastries.

  8. Did you go out to town on a bicycle all dressed up like that? I agree with Theresa, you look glamorous.

    I love pastries of any kind. One of my best friends when we lived in North Dakota was an elderly lady from Germany. She had always shared her home baked pies with me and my family which we all enjoyed very much. She baked the best Rhubarb pies ever. Unfortunately, she passed away 2 years ago.

  9. The pictures are great and I think you look fabulous!

  10. The history of the place is calling me! But the bread sounds a bit strange--is it really made with prunes?:)
    And cute photo of you!

  11. Thanks for the tour Duni. The city looks almost as pretty as you do. Hope all is well :)!!!

  12. Münster is beautiful and soooo clean! Can't say the same here :(

    You look radiant as ever! :D

  13. Duni, the red bird in my photo is a Cardinal. They are one of my favorite birds and i love the fact that they nest in our backyard.

  14. Thank you for sharing --- I would love to visit Germany at some time.

    Always fun to see other peoples experiences.

  15. I really enjoy that old architecture. It looks so quaint and charming. The new hairstyle is beautiful too :)

  16. Thank you for sharing - definitely a tempting visit!

    And happy birthday to you!


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