Wednesday, August 25

Modern Hippie

I came up with a two-in-one design for this large carry-all featuring the funky Vintage 70s fabric I mentioned here. In the above photo the bag is shown in its hand-held version - the band around the top part can be pulled out and upward to from two short handles, resulting in a drawstring-like tote. I probably should have pulled out some more to demonstrate, but I only had time for a few quick snap-shots before the next onslaught of rain!

This bag is one of the largest I've ever made. I used up most of the Vintage fabric for the lower part and combined it with a honey beige cotton twill. It is fully lined with three deep pockets on the inside and closes with a large magnetic snap button.It has a very wide bottom which is not visible in the photos.
Attach the shoulder strap to the brass D-rings and it becomes a spacious carry-all - perfect for a weekend away, beach days or yoga class. This bag is fun and functional and will surely stand out wherever you go!

Lately the mornings here are quite nippy, and it barely warms up during the day. I guess it's goodbye summer, hello autumn. Maybe it's a little early, but I'm already thinking hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, fleece blankets and wooly scarves. And of course I'm thinking about sewing stuff for Oktoberfest and Christmas - all manner of holiday-themed fabrics are available in the stores already!
But right this moment I'm enjoying looking at my newest bag creation...I just LOVE this Vintage fabric, it's so cheery! It's so special I'm not sure if I want to put this one up for sale. I'll think about it while I'm hanging on to the last trace of summer...


  1. I'm amazed by your bags- they're so cool! And I'm sooo envying your cooler weather- wish it were cooler here!

  2. love this design!!!!

  3. Hi Duni,
    Can I have your email? I am interested in putting a link at your sidebar if the rate is right... pls write to me at reanact(at)gmail(dot)com... thanks!

  4. Nice Duni! That's really nice!

  5. I really like this two-in-one idea!

  6. What a great design! I really like how you have the option of the handbag or a tote--perfection.
    I tried to find a new bag. I have gotten so used to how I organize the pockets inside the bags I have made for myself that no matter how lovely on the outside, I simply have not liked the store-bought bags as much. I think I spoiled myself.
    I will say it again--I look forward to your website.

  7. That bag is genius. It's owner will glow. What a smartie you are- I'm sure that fabric didn't cry at while you cut it;)

  8. Your designs are always so lovely and useful! I really like the option of handbag and tote in this bag - that's just such a fabulous idea! Love the fabric too!

  9. oooo that's a reallllly nice bag Duni. I especially like the convertible look. cute and functional. plus it doesn't have metal on it does it ? that would make it a cinch going through those security loops. Very Well Designed.

  10. I totally love the look of both of those bags. Not only the fabric you used, which is sensational, but the style as well. You are a true artist Duni

  11. That is gorgeous! I always wonder how you can manage to let go of anything for sale when everything is so nice. LOL... I guess needing to make money would be a little fuel, huh?

    Where are you? I can't believe it's getting chilly there already. It was 90 + here today. Although it's not 100 degree whether anymore the humidity makes it still feel like it's really hot!

  12. HI Duni, I saw your reply in my ABC blog.. thanks!
    Just wanna clarify that I am not looking for link exchange. An advertiser is interested in putting her link at your sidebar and willing to pay a rate yearly to you.
    Hope you can email to me for more details.. reanact(at)gmail(dot)com

  13. I am loving that's great! And the colors are perfect together...very nice.

    It's still warm here but autumn is definitely making an early appearance this year. I'm with you on holiday prep...already!

    Hope all's well!

  14. What a hp bag! I wish it was cooling off a Little here. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Hope you are doing well :)

  15. What a lovely bag! The one thing about the decline of the standard plastic shopping bag is that it is making everyone appreciate beautiful and quality designs much more than ever.

    Your two-in-one design should be marketed so that everyone can have one - it is a marvellous idea. I especially love the way that you can use the smaller handles this is so much appreciated when the load becomes a little more heavy. You can tell I've had some bad experiences. Lol!

  16. "Maybe it's a little early, but I'm already thinking hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, fleece blankets and wooly scarves."

    ME TOO, Duni, Me Too!!!!

    That is a beautiful bag.. I love the design!

  17. Oh Duni I really love this bag. My daughter had given me a patchwork bag before my surgery last month and for some reason you were the first person who popped in my head. Only your designs are much better, lol! I miss you seetie, and I hope all is well with you.

    God bless,

  18. Fabulous bag - just had to comment. I read your blog through Entrecard and love it!

  19. Duni - that bag is so cute! Love the dual purpose handles...what a great idea. Girlie, you are full of them :)

    I came home from the ocean from temps in the 90's to temps in the low 70's, so I am feeling your pain! It is so cold in the mornings and evenings here and I got so spoiled at the ocean where it was so warm in the morning and evening. And then there's the rain :( Oh well, all good things must come to an end...

  20. This is just the kind of bag to help us make the transition from summer to the orange and brown days of Fall.


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