Monday, August 3

More changes at Dawanda

The team at Dawanda have been busy restructuring the site, and commencing August 5th (this Wednesday) will be introducing a new selling category: Vintage

I have quite a number of vintage clothes, so this is definitely something I'll be looking into. I'm going to wait and see how buyers respond first. In Germany, the term 'vintage' is not that well-known, and many buyers don't speak English. It's difficult to convey the meaning, without potential buyers thinking you just want to get rid of 'old' junk! I also own some vintage jewelry; obviously I won't be selling any of that. It's just too precious and I'm too sentimental about it. This brooch is one of my favourites. In addition there will also be a new function that lets me specify the shipping costs for each country individually. And about time too! I always thought it was a bit silly to lump all countries together as 'international', because the pricing varies greatly! The downside is that shipping still remains quite high, especially to USA/Canada and Asia. Other good news is that Dawanda is finally taking action against sellers who continue to list obviously mass-produced items - and selling them successfully I might add, because unfortunately there are plenty of buyers who don't care as long as it's cheap!


  1. First, I have to say that your brooch is quite lovely. It reminds me of one of my Mom's older rings with the color and the way the stones are laid out...

    Then, the issue with mass-produced items being sold with handmade is one I understand! It happens on etsy--and I agree, that some people do not care because of the low price. Grrr.

    Have fun with the new changes.

  2. That is quite a beautiful brooch. Lovely to hear of the wonderful new improvements to your selling venue. I always hate it when buyers don't actually understand the importance of handmade...but what cha gonna do? Can't change everyone.

  3. Your brooch is beautiful! It sounds like Dawanda is making some great changes. The shipping is an important change since the cost does vary depending on location.

    Angel wants to tell Sammy thanks for the Birfday wishes!

  4. What a lovely brooch you have.

    Hope I can also do online business here in the world wide web. BUt I honestly do know how it works.

  5. Sounds great!
    My girls love vintage from the rock and roll era. Especially the skirts and underskirts.
    But shipping from Germany is expensive, even to The Netherlands. Or is that what I'm made to believe?

    I'm a softy for vintage jewelry. Tell me the history and it'll never leave the house here. My girls love it as much as I do.

    Pity my mom threw everything away from my gram.
    I find myself looking for items that resemble hers. Ttttt....

    Have a nice day!!

  6. have to go over and look around. Such a pretty pin, and a great background to photograph on!

  7. @ Laane

    It's not quite as expensive to the Netherlands: between 3,00 Euro for small flatpacked items.

    Yes, I can't sell my vintage jewelry ever, there's a whole story attached and I'm way to sentimental!

  8. Its a very special brooch,
    its not my tast but I find it special (I wear never a brooch, why I don't no .... LOL )
    Have a nice evening Duni
    hugs to Sammy
    Kareltje =^.^=

  9. cool! that's a great move for Dawanda:D all the best, Duni:))


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