Wednesday, August 5

Material Wealth

I buy a lot of books. Amazon ought to give me a special rebate :) The most expensive book I remember buying (in a bookshop - no such thing as online buying at that time) was a so-called 'coffee table' book. I scrimped and saved for months before I was able to afford it. Material Wealth is a 200 page illustrated tome of innovative fabric design compiled by renowned textile designer, author, scholar and former weaver Jack Lenor Larsen. I treasure this book. Mine is so well-thumbed it isn't fit for the coffee table anymore :) This book has taught me all about contemporary textile design and the various fabric applications. Fabric design from all corners of the world are examined and explained. The colour photographs really come alive in this book. This book has helped me understand design developments of the last few decades, as well as 'training' my eye for my own creations! By the way, it's still expensive, retailing at approx. US$125,- /100,- Euro.


  1. Hi Duni
    I read many books,
    its realxing for me ^__^
    enjoy the sun today,
    its here now very Hot weather :)

  2. sounds interesting. And yes, that's expensive!

  3. Neat to see you mention that author as he's such a "dean" of the fiber world!! He's an artist himself and has curated just tons of exhibitions. Not familiar with that book, but I would like to track it down and have a look!

  4. Yep. That is one pricey book. But well worth it from the sounds of it.

    How is it going on entrecard?

  5. I'm with you. My boyfriend whines that I should just go to the library. And I do sometimes. BUT, some books you just need to have. Especially art books. Some grip your soul and you never turn back.

  6. It may be expensive but some books are well worth it!

  7. My wife has a gift for putting materials together and complimenting each other. I know you can learn this but it helps to be able to do it through instinct as well. That book is too expensive for me and now I know why you had to scrimp. Thanks!

    Friends 4 Life!

  8. Even it is quite pricey but I know it's worth for you to buy it.
    May the rest of your week be filled with joy

  9. Thanks a lot Duni. Your my number 1 commenter on my blog - colour.

    Your words encourages me. And you truly inspires me.

    You really made me happy. I'm glad I met you in this blogosphere.

  10. Oh wow, this book sounds expensive. But I can see that the price of this book is really worth it, I see how much talent you have and all your wonderful creations... =)

  11. I've seen that book - it looks delicious! Too bad I'm a loser...the most I think I've ever spent on a book (not counting the ridiculously priced college text books) is $26.00 Just call me Big Spender. xx

  12. No wonder you are so good at what you do. You certainly stay up to date on everything related to your craft!

    I still plan to do a post on your beautiful make up bag soon. Last week was CRAZY! Hope all is well with you:)


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