Saturday, August 22

Hello, my name is Sumi

May I introduce myself? I'm called Sumi, and the humans say I'm a small, but elegant cat with very good manners. Plus I'm smart. I overheard the humans talking about me recently. Something about me moving all the way from one end of Germany to the other end! I don't mind so much, because I know Duni will be there waiting for me. I know she loves me just as much as my mommy does! And there's a nice terrace to sunbathe on, lots of room to play, and a nice garden too! So, what's the hitch? Well, looks like I'm going to have to share my new home with another cat! I asked Duni to send my some photos, so that I could see what my future roomie looks like. His name is Sammy. He's a mancat. Personally, I prefer active, sporty types... Sammy, lazing about... Sammy, drinking water straight from the tap So, what do you think? Are we going to be friends? Happy Sunday!


  1. Duni, I think Sammy and Sumi will hit it off just fine. No matter what, I hope you are planning on sharing more photos so we can find out.

  2. Hi Sumi

    Oooo Yess,
    you will be friends with Sammy!!
    Sammy is sooooo SWEET CUTE LOVELY
    (he is my best friend .... :)
    He is beautiful and he will play with you the whole day,
    and he give you all the hugs
    you need .......

    hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Hi Sumi! You will certainly me friends with Sammy! He might play hard to get at first but he'll come around and it'll be fun living with Duni as well. We hope you have a safe trip to Duni's and look forward to learning more about you!

  4. You are too funny Duni! Sumi and Sammy will be just fine, I'm sure they will be the best of pals!!

    By the way, an award is waiting for you over at Candles, Crafts and Whatnot. Congrats!

    :) Kat

  5. Hi Sumi! I'm sure you'll be great friends with Duni. Just make sure his parents introduce you two very slowly and give you both lots of treats and love. Have fun!

  6. Hi Sumi,

    don't be afraid, Sammy is a bit shy and I'm sure, you'll be friends. Give it a try.

    Hugs, Yvi

  7. Nice to meetcha, Sumi! I think you and Sammy will become best of friends.

  8. Oh, goodness. I certainly *hope* you and Sammy will be friends, Sumi. If not, well, you two can just pick out your sides of the garden and co-exist peacefully that way. ;)

    You're both beautiful, by the way!

  9. Awh, so now you have Sumi? Is everything OK with your mom?

  10. Sumi, looks very prim and proper on her pedestal. And Sammy? Well, I could not stop laughing at his mancat ways:)

  11. Hi Sumi,
    Sumi is a very nice name... my colleague here shares the same name with you and she's a pretty girl :) Sammy and his mancat ways.. hehe.. he does strike a good pose relaxing :)

  12. hello sammy! you are so adorable. sammy, are you afraid of dogs? I think you and my little sugar and peanut would get along so well. They seem to get along well with cats and i think they believe they are cats. hehehehe

  13. I love those pictures! The one with Sammy lazing about is probably my favorite, since it reminds me of something my last cat used to do a lot. :)

    Do you remember Cynthia? You sent her a little tissue "purse"? I'm her daughter. :)

  14. Hi Sumi! You will certainly me friends with Sammy! He might play hard to get at first but he'll come around and it'll be fun living with Duni as well.

    I love those pictures!


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