Friday, August 7

Don't miss - Nfall2rt Design Studio Giveaway!

My friend Nancy over at Nfall2rt * design studio is having a fabulous giveaway starting today! I'm a regular over at her design blog, and let me tell you, Nancy is one talented lady - she knits, draws, writes, and creates these gorgeous cards and envelopes! Here's a sample of the goodies you can win: Isn't that birdie card adorable? Don't miss this giveaway! Head on over to Nancy's blog and while you're there check out her shop, The Paper House!


  1. Thanks for the shout out:)

  2. wooooooooooooo... very nice cards! thanks for the heads up Duni :) i like the birdies too...

  3. Great cards! I like the birdie one too!

  4. Those are great, I'm headed over now. The birdie card is adorable

  5. Yes, those cards are just adorable and cute..
    thank you for the shout out Duni :-)
    Have a great weekend


  6. Looks like a cool giveaway. Thanks indeed for spreading the word. Hope all has been going well. Many regards, and chin scritches to Sammy! Have a great week :)

  7. What an eye candy! They would look perfect for the scrapbook. =) The gold and orange one is really cute. =)

  8. cute! I am going to check her shop.
    And thanks so much for the good vibes for my sick little Ruger! Much appreciated...Karen

  9. Hey Duni,
    First let me say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your wonderful and honest comment about socialized medicine. I know that if our govt takes this route, we too we will be paying out the nose.

    It is super that you are giving kudos to Nancy's blog and sending others her way. I'm not into card making but these do look like fun.

    Friends 4 Life!


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