Friday, August 7

Sandi Henderson Market Bag

Would you believe this is the first bag pattern I have ever bought? Reason being that I design/construct all of my bags, because I truly enjoy this part the most! The sewing bit is just an afterthought... But in this case I just couldn't resist, especially since I wanted to use up the vintage cherry fabric (Henderson) I bought too much of :) This is a new pattern. There are actually two bag styles to choose from. The 'Straight Market Bag', suitable for beginners, and the 'Gathered Market Bag'. I adjusted the pattern to make a pleated market bag for a more tailored look, because to my eye the gathers were looking a bit wonky. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but there seems to be one step missing in the instructions. So, if you've bought this pattern and you're wondering what to do with those two left-over pieces of canvas - attach them to your bag lining pieces before sewing them together! The bag I'm working on is coming along nicely. Pictures of the finished bag to follow shortly...


  1. I am waiting on your new bag ;)

  2. I am looking forward to see your new bag....

  3. Cute! this color and everything about it is just so bright and happy and something that screams summer into my mind. =)

  4. Awh, looks cute! Can't wait to see the ones you make:) I hear ya though- I mostly design my own knit patterns, so when I'm reading other ones I definitely take liberties where need be:)

    Also, to answer your Facebook question. YES it is a lot of work. But it could also be very little work once you get going. I have the personal page and fan page, so I am currently obsessing over catching up with people I've lost touch with. The set up is a bit tricky to figure out I think. I would compare it to the posting, updating, meeting and responding to people way. But a briefer version. You can also have your facebook automatically post feeds from your blog, so that's facebook autopilot.

  5. great find!

  6. Can't wait to see your new bag!

  7. you have a natural gift to make art! I can't wait to look at more!

  8. beautiful bag...looks cute!
    u know.. I am waiting on your new bag ;)


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