Monday, May 7

Monday Moodboard

The month of May traditionally kicks off the wedding season. Recently Etsy has introduced a registry - a smart move as an increasing number of young couples opt for a handmade wedding! My moodboard today is wedding inspired, featuring a few handmade items from European Etsy sellers. The necklace would make a sweet bridesmaid gift and I would have loved for my bridesmaids to have worn that pretty floral dress - alas at that time I didn't know about Etsy yet!
Mit dem Monat Mai beginnt traditionell die Hochzeitssaison! Und das ist auch das heutige Thema hier auf meinem Moodboard. Seit neuestem können sich zukünftige Ehepaare bei Etsy anmelden und eine "Handmade Wunschliste" ausfüllen - die Hochzeitsgäste können diese dann einsehen und aussuchen, welche Wünsche sie für das Hochzeitspaar erfüllen möchten...hätte ich damals gewusst, dass es Etsy gibt, hätte ich das bestimmt auch so gemacht :)

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If you're a bride to be do check out all the fabulous handmade items in the Etsy wedding category!
Zukünftige Bräute - lasst euch von Etsy Weddings  inspirieren!


  1. Unfortunately I will not be a bridesmade in the near future, but seeing these beautiful featured items, make me wish I was!

  2. Tja, auch ich bin schon verheiratet ... Heute würde ich die Hochzeit auch ganz anders feiern.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

    your work is beautiful

  4. beautiful collection!

    And great mother's day card. I cannot get my sewing machine to sew on paper; no matter how many ways I try to adjust things it just stops as if it knows that I am not working with fabric. Cheeky machine.

  5. Beautiful items. The vintage inspired dress is so sweet!

  6. The Etsy registry is a great idea! I hope that it does well.

    Love your picks. That dress would be a beautiful bridesmaid dress.

  7. what pretty features. I love that necklace.

  8. So pretty! I love the necklace! It's been a very long time since I've had a wedding - it'll be 25 years ago this August! :)

  9. I never became a bridesmaid but I would prefer that I would become the bride someday LOL

    Your selections never fail to refresh my eyes and see those small yet great handmade works.

  10. ♥ Liebe Duni ♥
    ich bin immer wieder verzaubert von diesen Romantik Collagen;)

    P.s: Emily geht es wechselhaft bekommt jetzt Tabletten und ab morgen noch welche dazu für ihre andere Erkrankung:(
    Das Problem ist sie kann keine Schlucken und bekommt würgen oder erbrechen...

    Bussi Marion

  11. What pretty items!
    I love the new Registry! The new categories...not so much!

  12. If I could do it all again - I won't and I hope I never have to - BUT I would do an entire handmade wedding myself! How amazing would that be... hmm.. maybe we can renew out vows?? That might be something to think about! :)

  13. great finds! The etsy wedding registry is a great idea!
    Long ago when a good friend of mine got married, we all made our own bridesmaid dresses. We used the same pattern and fabric. They were long in a floral pattern.

  14. AnonymousMay 09, 2012

    Ugh...I know this is a great thing but I can't help being just a wee bit cranky that they did this JUST after we sent our registry out to folks!!!


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