Wednesday, May 9

Molly's story ::: Molly's Geschichte

Once upon a time, no, actually about two months ago a scrawny kitty quietly slipped into the living room when I went to open the door. She must have belonged to someone once, because she was wearing a manky collar that was way too tight around her neck. I presume the previous "owners" put it on her when she was a baby and when they tired of her, they simply left her to fend for herself in the great outdoors. She must've been out there for months, in the cold, starving. Her eyes seemed to say "please remove this collar, I can barely breathe". With the help of hubby we gently got it off and the kitty (I christened her Molly) and I were so relieved. Thereafter she came to visit us each morning and evening, hungrily gobbling up the food and water I left out for her. Despite her size she's pretty ferocious - no wonder, she's had to survive outdoors all these months. But she's also playful. And curious and feisty. Just look at her trying to catch the mouse hidden in the scratching post!
However, she's still very much feral, and I'm hoping with patience she will come to trust us, so that we can take her to the vet for the necessary vaccinations. It's difficult to tell how old she is, I'm guessing about seven months. I do hope she will consider our home her "furever home".

And Sammy? What does he think about this latest development? Well, he's a bit daunted by this lively newcomer and I guess, not the least bit amused. I hope they will eventually get used to each other. I know Molly will always be an outdoor cat, so Sammy needn't worry about her taking over the house ;-)

Und Sammy? Was hält er von der ganzen Sache? Er findet es weniger amüsant und wirkt etwas eingeschüchtert. Bleibt abzuwarten ob die beiden sich in Zukunft vertragen. Ich denke es wird schon klappen, denn Molly wird immer Freilaufkatze bleiben und so braucht Sammy sich vorerst keine Sorgen um sein Revier zu machen ;-)


  1. Süße ich könnte weinen wenn ich diese Story lese, stell Dir vor das ist bei meiner Mama auch an der Tagesordnung dass so arme abgemagerte Katzen zu Ihr finden und sie pflegt sie, füttert, versorgt mit Medizin. Molly hat sooo ein Glück dass sie Euch gefunden hat! Ich kann gar nicht daran denken wie viele arme Kätzchen und Hunde da draussen sind und hunger müssen, das ist leider in Polen sehr oft der Fall. Selbst unser Blue war ja schon in 2 verschiedenen Familien + Tierheim und dann die Strasse, boah ich kann es nicht fassen. Süße aaalles liebe für Euch und Molly, Du hast soo ein RIESENherz! Und Knutschi an Sammy:-)

  2. thats so sweet of you Duni and I am terrified to think, what if Molly cudnt have found u or any other kind heart to get that collar removed....i had, in the past, seen videos of baby seals getting caught in plastic pakaging straps around their neck and eventually cutting their necks as they may be apt to mention this here --- any one who is reading this post and my comment, please make sure you cut the packaging straps before you dispose them off(these white plastic ones that are used to pack big cartons are not recycled in some countries and end up being disposed in the sea) might have also heard stories of people tripping in these straps and having pretty bad accidents....

    and who knows... Sammy and Molly cud just surprise us all by being best of friends some day....its a crazy world and i wud like to believe that good-crazy things happen ! :-)

  3. Awwww...she's adorable! I hope she chooses you as her furever family :)
    That picture of Sammy is priceless!

  4. I love this post Duni. It's been a while since you blog about your home, husband Sammy and the newest member of the family. :)

    As I was reading the first few paragraphs, my mind was asking Sammy's reaction. As expected, Sammy and Molly might just need some time to get along.

    I believe Molly is a blessing to your home. You and your husband have a great heart for animals.

  5. I am so glad Molly picked you to help her out! We kitties are usually pretty good about picking out the right humans. And if she had enough time fending for herself while that wretched collar grew too tight, she must be a pretty bright girl.

  6. Che stupendo micione!! Felice giornata a Te...ciao

  7. That's so lovely of you! Lucky Molly.
    The photo of Sammy is gold haha I'm sure he will get used to Molly being around. At least he knows the house is still his domain

  8. Hahaha! I love that shot of Sammy!! :)

    How nice that Molly found you! I'll bet she grows to be a nice pet in no time. It's amazing how quickly love heals.

    She is soooo pretty! Love her coloring.

  9. Molly is adorable! I hope your home becomes her furever home!
    Also, I love Sammy's expression!

  10. Duni love both cats!! and Sammy's position made me laugh out loud!

  11. Hopefully Sammy won't be too put out since she'll be living outside! It's tough when older kitties have to make adjustments like that. How sweet that you were able to rescue her.

  12. Love your cute! Great post!

  13. Very good of you to take in a stray that needed some love. I hope you can get her spayed and vaccinated so she will have a long healthy life! Such a cutie...

  14. Süß, mir ist mein Kater vor ca. vier Jahren zugelaufen. Noch heute frage ich mich, wo er früher gelebt hat und warum man so ein liebenswürdiges Rassetier aussetzen würde?!

    ps: ich habe deinen Blog gerade erst gefunden und werde mit Sicherheit häufiger vorbeischauen :)

  15. Well Molly is pretty girl that's for sure. She must have really appreciated your kindness in helping her out of that collar and I'm sure she's quite grateful for the food. Hope she comes around soon.
    I love the picture of Sammy. He's probably making a back up plan just in case Molly tries to invade his

  16. Molly is such a pretty girl! We're glad she picked you to help her out of that collar and hopefully she knows she's found a furever home with you too! Sammy is so cute and looks very much like the handsome Mancat he is sitting on the couch like that!

    Thank you for the purrs for Sadie too!

  17. so cute! follow now sweetie :X

  18. kind of you to take care of Molly! It seems she trusts you already--enough to wander about the house!
    Sammy's expression cracks me up!

  19. Oh Duni, dass ist eine traurig schöne Geschichte. Zum Glück war Molly bei Dir an der richtigen Adresse. Das Foto von Sammy ist richtig cool.
    Schönes Wochenende.
    Lieber Gruß Martina

  20. That is wonderful that you have taken the poor kitty under your wing to make her life a little easier. I hope one day she decides to call your place home.
    Everyday Inspired


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