Tuesday, May 1

Quilted White Linen Pouch

It's a public holiday here today and after a heavy rain storm this morning the sun is finally breaking through the clouds and I'm hoping it will stay a while...
Mädels, wir hatten heute morgen so ein heftiges Gewitter, aber jetzt endlich kommt die Sonne hinter den Wolken hervor. Hoffentlich bleibt sie ein Weilchen...dann kann ich mich endlich (am heutigen Feiertag) auf die Terrasse setzen!

I had some of this soft white linen fabric left, just enough to make this cute flat bottom pouch. I quilted the entire body, which is a bit difficult to see as it's white on white. Also, I finally found a use for these tiny satin ribbon roses I had in my stash - I handstitched them all over the front panel. I love the way it turned out. This would make a special gift for a bride-to-be and don't forget Mother's Day is just around the corner.

On a more serious note, I have noticed a handful of anonymous Etsy members "hearting" almost all of my items. I should be flattered I suppose, but then I went and checked out their favourites and found that they also put the exact same fabrics I use on their list. I find that a bit disturbing. It just looks very much like they are trying to re-create my items. No problem if they do this for their own personal use, but if they are collecting ideas for their future Etsy shop? Now that's not so funny.
In cases like this I always add them to my circle. Just a small hint that I am aware of everything that goes on behind the scenes. I've worked very hard coming up with original designs and I just wish that people would respect that!
What's your take on that? Have you noticed that in your Etsy shop too? Anyway, if you spot identical items to my own on Etsy in future -  please do let me know!!

white linen pouch / weißes Leinentäschchen
Ich hatte noch etwas von diesem weichen weißen Leinenstoff übrig, genug um daraus ein kleines Kosmetiktäschchen zu nähen. Der Taschenkörper ist gequiltet, was man im Foto leider nicht so gut erkennen kann, da weiß auf weiß. Endlich habe ich auch einen Nutzen für die süßen kleinen Satinrosen gefunden. Die habe ich per Hand auf die Front genäht. Wie alle meine Taschen ist auch diese mit Vlies stabilisiert und vollständig gefüttert. Details mit Klick auf den Link oben.
Ein nettes Geschenk für zukünftige Bräute :)

Off to make lunch now and to ponder about the dilemma I described above. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
Meine Lieben, die Zeit rennt, muß jetzt Richtung Küche Mittagessen kochen! Schön, dass ihr heute wieder vorbeigeschaut. Habt einen entspannten Feiertag! Liebe Grüße,


  1. lovely pouch Duni and very suitable for a bride :-)....and thats pretty upsetting when people are hovering all over the internet to copy other artist ideas, if only they spend so much time cracking their brains for creativity, i am sure they will come up with fantastic ideas themselves...i only hope people realize their right potentials to choose their appropriate work fields and respect us artists !

  2. Liebe Duni,
    auch dir einen wunderschönen Feiertag. Zum Glück ist das Gewitter vorbei - bei uns lacht seit dem frühen Morgen die Sonne - SUPER.

  3. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    Lovely new pouch! I think the quilting touch really does make it pop, subtle as it is. That's pretty creepy about the anon. hearter. I'd check up on them every so often...

  4. The white pouch is lovely. I love how you used the rose buds.
    It's very frustrating when someone copies what you are doing. Hopefully that is not the case, and they just admire your work. I think circling them was a great idea.

  5. So pretty! And perfect for Mother's Day!
    I'm sorry to hear about your dilemma! I hope it's innocent actions and not to copy your items!

  6. I'm sorry about those sneaky Etsy shoppers creeping on your shop. I get some people who go through and heart a lot of my items, but most of them end up being brides who are hearting a lot of items from other wedding shops, too. It's more difficult to catch someone copying when you make jewelry, because a lot of the supplies are so similar and realistically, there are only so many ways to combine them.

    Good luck, though! I'll keep an eye out for anything suspicious!

  7. beautiful, I love the little details! looks great holding pearls too :)


  8. I love the pouch you made! So sweet and dainty.
    I'm so sorry to hear about that person who sounds like they are copying your ideas! That is so frustrating. I think that's a good idea to add them to your circle so you can keep an eye out.

  9. I love, love, love that pouch! So pretty! I hope no one tries to recreate your items but even if they do try, I don't think they can compare to your beautiful work!

  10. Beautiful pouch! The little flowers are really sweet. I have seen several cases of that on Etsy with my own shop but have yet to find a duplicate shop open up. I hope that doesn't happen to you! The best you can do is just keep your eyes open and not worry about it too much.

  11. I've noticed that those who favorite many of my items in one go, do so with other metalsmiths too. I once wrote to one of them that my items are patented...on the other hand - you cannot do much about this, only think of new ideas.

  12. very pretty. I would find that a little suspicious. Good idea to add them to your circle.

  13. What a pretty little pouch, Duni! The subtle quilting is the perfect touch.
    I truly hope this person's intentions are not to copy you. I've heard of it happening but there's not really anything you can do if it happens. I'll keep my eyes open for copycats just in case.

  14. oh, Duni.. I will absolutely keep an eye out, I very much hope that is not the case. But really and truly, I think that it would be very difficult for anyone to do what you do so well.


  15. That is such a great little pouch! Pretty, delicate, just lovely.

    So frustrating to have someone try to copy you, but all they can do is copy ... they won't be able to keep up with your creativity! And you are the one being featured! I'm wondering if this is something to take up with Etsy?

  16. That pouch is sooo pretty! Dainty and sweet--perfect for brides or moms. I think the little roses just make it!

    I certainly hope they aren't copying. Even if they are--your quality and workmanship is superior! I really hope that isn't the case.

  17. What a lovely little pouch! The little roses are a nice touch. I will never understand people who want to copy other people's work, I hope this is not the case for you. Having them in your circle was a good idea.
    Everyday Inspired

  18. Liebste Duni,

    das Täschchen ist wunderschön! Meine Güte, ich bin ja so begeistert!!!
    Ich war jetzt ganz entsetzt, als ich las, dass andere Deine schönen Dinge kopieren. Manchmal frage ich mich, ob die Leute keine eigenen Ideen haben.
    Ich drück´Dich, meine Liebe!
    Deine Verena

  19. It is odd that you mentioned that about your shop because last week I saw a pair of shorts that I thought was from your shop but minus your 'model'. Copying style and fabric is definitely not okay.

    But I do think the pouch is precious! I like how you added the flowers--I was thinking that you found really great fabric with them attached.

  20. Beautiful work Duni. I adore the floral details!

    That is definately fishy what is happening on Etsy. Adding these users to your Circle is a great idea for letting them know you are paying attention. Stealing ideas is so wrong so I hope that is not what is going on.

  21. thanks for the wonderful comment on my post Duni. I hope you are feeling better today about those internet hoppers. Donot worry too much about them. My paiting teacher doesnot put watermarks on any of her paintings online and once when I was seriously suggesting her to be more careful, she gave a nice hearty laugh and said - can anyone copy the idea my brain has been working up on right now as we are talking about watermarks ! summary - your work is very pretty and dont get these sneaky stuff to trouble you, i wud hate to see a creative mind troubled :-)

  22. So sweet! What a beautiful pouch! I also like the stillife photography with the pearls. Very nice.

  23. A wonderful craft and great photography skills, what else can I ask for.

    And with your concern on Etsy, I think you are making the decent and right move. This is perhaps one disadvantage or price we have to pay with the use of the internet.

    We can't avoid people who copy other people's work. But I believe that above anything else, those people who have a pure heart and natural talent will always prevail at the end of the day.


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