Thursday, January 6

PeriDot by Duni is now open for business!

I've had quite a busy start to the year, hence the lack of posts on my blog. My head is spinning after spending hours reading up on Etsy's business-related posts - I feel like I'm way behind in everything. Nevertheless, I managed to fine-tune my shop appearance and policies, and I'm proud to announce that my new shop is now open for business.
I'm curious to know what you think of the description of the pajama pants, especially the sizing. Does it make sense to you (ladies)? I have additional sizing information in FAQs in my shop policies.
I'm currently working on a new pajama set made with an adorable rose-and-polkadot fabric from Tanya Whelan's newest collection. I hope to list that as soon as the weather permits me to take some decent photos. Speaking of photos, the store mannequin (still nameless I'm afraid) is working out great! That's money well spent :)
Yesterday I received a box of fabrics that I didn't order. The company that sent them insists I ordered them. I do not have any record of ordering them; I don't even know that company. I asked how they got my address and telephone number and they replied 'via Amazon'!?! I aim to resolve this problem as soon as possible and for safety's sake I also changed my account at Amazon.

Meanwhile my bags are taking a back seat while I concentrate on building my Etsy shop. But I will make them sometime in the near future - this blog is called Lovely Purses, after all - maybe I should change it to Lovely Purses and PJ's ;-)
Being fascinated with the so-called treasuries on Etsy I've curated my very own. The whole theme and the pastel colours are, in one word, ME. Blends in well with my blog too. What do you think? Do you think it is worthy of the front page? ;-)


  1. Yes! That montage is so adorable. Just like your creations, just like your blog, just like you! :)

  2. lovely new shop. I just added you to my etsy favorites. hugs!

  3. The shop looks great. I really like your banner and how you added the thing about Germany. Your policies are great (noticed that in your website, too) and it seems like you are oh, so prepared!

    And the treasury is lovely. It makes me long for roses in our yard.

  4. I think your shop looks great and wish you many sales! Your treasury is very pretty and certainly front page worthy!

  5. Wow Duni :-)
    Your own shop !!!!
    I wish you many luck .....
    It looks FANTASTIC.

    Hugs for Sammy

    Kareltje & Anya

  6. Lovely treasury! Glad you're having fun exploring etsyland. I know it's a lot and I'm sure you're overwhelmed with information, but soon you'll have everything in order I'm sure!

    The shop is looking amazing so far. I love the addition of cosmetic cases here, it really fits. Also, the photos look great, so clean and flow well from item to item. The sizing description makes sense to me; it's detailed enough and answers all of the questions I would have when buying a similar item. I can't think of anything you should add.

  7. The shop looks fabulous Duni and the sizing makes perfect sense to me. I had no trouble understanding it.
    that is a very lovely treasury.

  8. Duni, your shop looks amazing! I need to spend some time on the forums as well and reacquaint myself with Etsy. I really need to carve out some time to do that..

    The sizing makes perfect sense to me. The look of your shop feels really good. I just get a good feeling, cozy and feminine. It makes me want to stay!

    I wish you great success! You deserve it!

  9. Hi Duni, your shop is very well done and I definitely love your treasury! Wishing you lots of sales!


  10. You are so talented and creative! All the best on all of your ventures :)

  11. Just beautiful Duni!
    Great choices, lovely composition!


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