Wednesday, January 19

For those who love blue

My shop is growing.

In addition to pj's, cosmetic pouches and sleepmasks I now offer large laundry bags as well! As with all my items they are made from designer cottons and have a myriad of uses - not only for dumping your dirty laundry. Think craft bag, fabric scrap bag, balls of wool bag; or like me keep your socks and lingerie stored in it!

The laundry bag with the heart appliquéd on it was recently included in this gorgeous blue collection made by enamel jewelry artist MapremIsha. It is called 'crazy about blue' :)

I figured out how to renew an item. Question to Etsians: does a renewed item show up in the specified category at all? Coz it seems like I'm not getting any new views on it, like I did when I originally listed it.
Just wondering...

And in case you haven't noticed by now, I am really taken with Etsy :) I should've started my shop there much sooner!


  1. I am glad you are adding the bags--they are lovely.
    And I want those gorgeous flowers in the treasury.

    I tried to answer your question but realized it did not make any sense. I suggest reading the etsy blog area. You may find the answer--clearly written--there!:)

  2. Love it! It seems like you're getting a lot of people picking your work for treasuries- that's great!

    I've never had much luck with relisting to get more views. I think it's just hit or miss- some categories have heavier traffic/ people listing new items in them than others, so there's much debate amongst etsians if it's worth the money to relist items.

  3. Very pretty, and blue has always been a favorite color of mine

  4. Your laundry bags are so pretty! I think I'd use them for things other than laundry since they are much too nice for my dirty stuff!

    As for renewing, I tend to get the most views when my listings hit Twitter (I have them linked) otherwise it's tough getting views.

  5. I'm so Happy for you that your shop is growing :-)
    Love your laundry bags
    special the name "crazy about bleu"
    Its only to little for me
    we are just with two persons
    my daughter and me
    and we have always soooo many laundry

    (No I have no parcel !!! But you make me curious ;-)

    Hugs for Sammy and You Duni

    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

  6. Those are adorable! I finally made it in to see your Etsy shop...very cool! I love the blue toile fabric.

    Hope all's well on your end!

  7. Wow, Duni, those bags are just absolutely gorgeous. Love the blue!

  8. Hello Duni,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the New Year wishes.

    The laundry bags are so cute! They reminded me the old traditional bread bags Portuguese used...and some still do :)
    Will visit your store :)
    Regards xx

  9. Hi Duni,

    auch wenn alle englisch schreiben, bleibe ich doch hartnäckig beim Deutschen. Von wegen der Eloquenz und der Schnelligkeit (-:

    Ich habe bis vor kurzer Zeit überhaupt kein blau getragen. Verdorben durch die Kindheit. Deine Beutelchen sind süss. Erinnern sie mich auch ein wenig an die früheren Turnbeutel, in denen wir das Gymnastikzeug und die Schuhe hatten. Später wurde daraus eine riesige Sporttasche, denn Handball verlangte nach ordentlichem Schuhwerk und das ließ sich in den Beuteln nicht mehr unterbringen.

    LG + dir einen schönen Abend.

  10. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Duni
    Today it was coming :-)

    I love it THANKS my dear
    its Wow!!
    I just needed it and the color is

    Kareltje and Betsie
    are also very HAPPY
    sooooooooo puurfect toy :-)
    Meow..meow.. thanks auntie Duni
    we send your many hugs meow..meow..

  11. Duni -

    Love them bags! So sweet :)

    I knew you would fall in love with Etsy. I did Dawanda a few years ago...definitely not as much traffic as on Etsy. I believe I may even still be there...hmmm...

    As far as renewing I understand it, there will be a lag of time from the time you hit that 'renew' button until your item actually shows. I think it has something to do with renews being done in batches (thought i read something about that in the forums). Anyway, Etsy has changed so much in the last few years. Two years ago, I could list, relist or renew an item and it would get tons of hits by the end of the day. Now, I am lucky to get 20 hits a day on any renews, etc. It doesn't mean anything other than that Etsy has so many more sellers since then. Many of the markets are saturated...I believe yours is fast becoming one of them. Don't you worry your pretty little head about it, though. They will find you, Duni :)


    pss....The woman in Munich...may very well be! There are so many spellings of that name, and I guess historically, there are/were tons of Meyerhoefer's/Meyerhoeffer's/Mayerhoefer's/Mayrhoefer's, etc in that area. They all come from Bayern! As I understand it, that name is as common in Bavaria as Smith is in the US!

  12. I love Etsy. I have always gotten lovely things from there and I lose HOURS clicking around the site. The blue collection is exceptionally pretty today!

  13. i love blue color too! all those items looks so lovely! :D

  14. Hallo Duni,

    die Beutel gefallen mir gut in blau, sie sind so frisch.

    LG Melanie (die auch bei deutsch bleibt)

  15. Hi! I found your blog from one of your followers in the Philippines. I followed you also in your Twitter and Facebook page. I must say, I love your blog. It's relaxing to see your artworks.

    I love color blue and among those shown in the pictures, I love the Tweet Tweet coin purse and of course the heart and dots blue laundry bag.

    I would someday also want to own your City Bag in Newsprint shown in your Facebook account.

    I am looking forward for more posts in your blog.




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