Friday, January 28

Small/home businesses require business plans too

A few years ago while planning my online selling (ad)venture I sat down at the kitchen table and wrote a business plan - starting with a mission statement. Then, being the neat person that I am, I put the sheets in a colourful file and placed it in my desk drawer rarely to be looked at again! Maybe I should have, and I was reminded of this big time when I came across this blog post on writing a business plan on Etsy recently. Tricia McKellar, the author of this post has even more great tips on her blog and I recommend any aspiring indie seller with an Etsy shop sign up for her free Etsy Shop Tune-Up.
I did, and now I receive essential information in a compact format in my inbox every couple of days, which also serves to remind me to focus on the important stuff and stick with my plan (recently revised I might add)!
I also read the book The Boss of You, which is geared toward women entrepreneurs and written by two lovely and funny ladies who also have a highly informative website. If you're serious about starting your own business I believe there is no such thing as too much information. The important thing is is to weed out the superfluous and retain the relevant; network and don't be shy to ask for help or advice from experienced sellers if you need it! There's no denying that starting your own (small) business and becoming your own boss is hard work and challenging, but I find it's far more rewarding and gives me greater satisfaction than any activity as an employed person. And you know what else? It's fun!


  1. I like the new header!

    Thanks for the link to the website. Since I am at the beginning of my adventure I like to read almost anything that I think might be helpful.

  2. hard for some of us creatives to do...sit down and focus on the business side. I'm hoping to delve deeper into that this year.

    Love the new banner too!

  3. Great new header! Thanks for the information too! I'm not enjoying life as an employee right now and am daydreaming of making a living off my jewelry! I only need to sell 5,000 pieces a year! (give or take a few! LOL)

  4. Like the blog rename!

    You said it...there's no such thing as too much info! Thanks for the links...great resources!

    I stopped by the Boss Ladies site and will get to visiting the Etsy tune-up once I set up shop there...I can't wait to start my own business, I just don't wanna jump in before I build up the foundation.

    Take care!

  5. I think a lot of people get into business for themselves without really thinking about the structure on which it is built. I think reading this plus maybe taking a class might be helpful. There is a LOT of things that you need to know and do before you can be successful with your product or business. Good point to bring up, Duni!

  6. For all the times I thought about starting an etsy shop, I thought about all the reseach I would need to do and I hate research. I just want to make stuff and have fun :)

  7. Great articles and links--I'm not always on top of this part of the biz....and should be better! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Thank you for posting this! I am doing the best I can to read and educate myself on small business. Sometimes, I only have an hour in a day, and it is hard to even scratch the surface of a really helpful article in an hour, ya know? I am trying to not be hard on myself..It will be a long process for me, at least until the munchkins are in school for longer - and you know I don't want to rush this time with them...

    oh wow, this is a book! eek, sorry!

    Thank you for your tip on my pictures. I am going to try to photograph some on the kitchen table, like you suggested, again, thank you! :)

  9. Great post, Duni!! I am the same about organizing everything...and then never looking at the info again! But maybe, just organizing it puts the information within our heads?? :) I hope your business grows and grows!! You have the talent!

  10. Liebe Duni,

    zu Businessplänen - seien sie auch für noch so kleine Unternehmen - gäbe so viel zu sagen. Leider kann ich nur kurz vorbeischauen und dieses wichtige Thema nicht ausführlich mit dir diskutieren (-:

    Ich wünsche dir von ganzem Herzen, dass es so gut weiter geht!

    Und wenn es bei mir wirklich mal so weit ist, dann weiss ich ja, wen ich über Etsy ausfragen kann (-;


  11. Hi Duni,
    You always create such beautiful designs! You are a very creative person!

    The book you recommend sounds good, I'm going to look into it. I'm sure it will help my own efforts at working for myself. Being organized is a must!

    Being "the boss of you" is a challenging experience, but one that's also rewarding. I'm like you and find great satisfaction in working for myself.

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  12. Thanks for the tips, Duni! I just signed up for the letter and downloaded the pdf file. I, too, wrote a business plan when I first started three years ago, but I never did follow through with the yearly re-write!

  13. Hi, I'm a new follower of your blog; found you through Topaz Horizon. :)

    I used to follow Emira and Lauren of The Boss of You, way back when they had a weekly women's e-zine. How wonderful that they have a book just for women with small businesses! I, too, have thought of what I can start on my own, and need a push. I'll make sure to order a copy. Thanks for this post!

  14. Duni, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I thought this post was very informative and I will pass it along to a new female friend that is wanting to blog. I know she will appreciate this post too. By the way, there has been over 100,000 copies sold of the eBook "Blogging to the Bank in 2011." Just thought you would like to know how popular it has become. Have a blessed day!

  15. Such a good post with lots of helpful info for all of us with our small businesses!! Thanks for sharing ~ And may 2011 be a great selling year for all! :))


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