Friday, January 21

Twitter and other news

Thanks to Sharla's comment on my previous post I am now a twitterer...tweeter? Whatever. I've joined Twitter. You can find me @PeriDotbyDuni (capital D's) or click the pink Twitter button in the column on the left-hand side of my blog. Fear not!! Except for the occasional whine about the weather I will mostly tweet about blog and shop-related stuff.
Through the Hello Etsy newsletter I've received a bit of exciting news...Etsy is planning a huge event this year: A summit on small business and sustainability. Apart from the topic being of high interest to me, what is really, really amazing is that it is being held right here in Germany! In Berlin. Tickets have not been issued yet, and no word on how much it will cost either - hopefully not over the top - but I have marked my calendar in red. This is just too good an opportunity to pass up!
Plus I get to stay with my mom, who lives about a two-hour train ride away, and maybe even meet up with a couple of old school friends who live there.
As far as I know Etsy is planning similar events all over the world.

In shop news, I have added capri pants. Some say cropped pants or bloomers. Anyway, the one's I made stop at mid-calf, are made from an organic cotton sourced in Denmark, and each pant hem is embellished with romantic pastel pink lace. Curious? Check them out here!

have a great weekend everybody!


  1. hey hey! :D oh joined twitter already? lemme check on u later! :D i've twitter too! @carolinemayling

    thanks for ur lovely comment in my blog too! cheers! ;)

  2. There is a summit in New York but that is too far for me. The tickets were only $25 which is a great deal. Hope you are able to get a ticket!

  3. Wow, great news! Sounds like Etsy has you reenergized to dive back into the business! You've been up to so much lately!

  4. I would say that I would follow you on twitter but unfortunately I don't think I even remember my user name and password for

  5. I hope Twitter works out for you! I just renewed something today and got zero views until it hit Twitter. It certainly can't hurt to have more people looking!

    That summit sounds very interesting and I hope you are able to attend!

  6. Those capris are cute! The Etsy summit sounds great...I never realized they were doing things like that.

    Hopefully, the tickets will be priced well and you will see family and friends...that's always good!

  7. Lovely blog! Twitter is a lot of fun! I have met lots of interesting people on there and have made some friends too! I will follow you! I am @myvintagelady on there. Hope you get to go to the summit!

  8. How great! I hope you end up getting to go!! And I love those pants, they are so pretty and look so cozy!

  9. That Etsy event sounds wonderful! I hope they hold one near me.

  10. Oh how wonderful - such a great excuse to go home!!


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