Wednesday, December 30

Just for fun!

Ha! I received an email from my online selling venue with my horoscope for 2010. Here's what it says:

Leo's Taking it all the Way to the Top!

If you're a Leo, 2010 will be your super year! Energetic, cheerful and ambitious, you're the type who knows what you want, goes for it, and does a smashing good job of it! Your career will take off in 2010, reaching new and unimagined heights. If you're just getting started, 2010 will be the year when you figure out what it is that makes you most happy, and start working towards making it your day job. Go for your goals in 2010 and let no one stand in your way - and check out all the great items at DaWanda to help you out on the journey to the top of that career ladder.

Sounds good, eh? I wonder who at Dawanda admin came up with this one...hehehe.

In the meantime, the last sleep mask in my shop sold yesterday, so I need to set aside some time to make new ones. Time flies! Gotta run.


  1. Well it sounds like a great beginning to the year! I wish the best and it is good to see you are back safe and sound from your holiday....and the photos from the previous post are beautiful!

  2. Sounds like 2010 is going to be a wonderful year for you! Congrats on all the sales of your sleep masks!

  3. Hmn...wondering if it didn't really matter what sign you were this was your "horiscope". Haha.

  4. Whooohoooo! I'm a Leo! I can't wait to see what happens this year!

  5. Happy New Year Duni! I hope you have a rocking 2010! ♥♥

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